Women in Network Marketing by Kim Klaver

Kim KlaverOne thing to know when you’re recruiting a woman… It’s not about what you wish she’d do. It’s about what will work for her.  Over the years, most sales people approach men and women the same way— whether they’re marketing a product, service or a business. But research has shown this is a mistake. If a female prospect says yes, she’s interested in making some extra income from home, the guy will typically launch into how much he’s made, how great the company is, and generally strutting his stuff. Kind of like a peacock displaying his feathers. This might work with another guy, but not with a woman. With a woman, you lead with HER, not you. No matter how much you’ve earned. When women meet each other, they don’t brag about their accomplishments like guys do when they meet.  NULL  Women ask about the other woman, and usually talk about their shared problems and how they are each dealing with them. So show her you know how to talk to her. Begin by asking her a few questions first… in effect leading with her instead of you. Then you’ll know how to present your opportunity. And you can tell her what’s happened for you so far. Tip: Remember, only 1/100 people have an interest in ANY kind of commission sales. That includes people looking for something at home. No dragging or begging. OK? Here are three questions that show her you know how to talk to her. 1. Ideally what are you looking for? What do you enjoy doing? 2. Are you looking for something part time or a career change? 3. How much time can you put into something and about how much are you looking to earn? These get you started. (More questions and recruiting scripts here http://bananamarketing.com/learn_to_recruit.html ) Depending on what she says in response to each one, you can fashion the options around what and how much she wants to do. E.g. Amassing customers, or looking for another Rep. It’s not about what you wish she’d do. It’s about what will work for her. Kim Klaver


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