Women in network marketing by Kim Klaver

Kim Klaver“All I wanted was to buy my own nylons and get my hair done without having to ask my husband for the money.”- Kim shares how a part-time network marketing business can produce big time success!  So said my friend of 15 years, Cheryl, about how she got started in the business. Cheryl had married a successful businessman, who turned out to be an extreme miser where she was concerned. She had to write down and justify anything she wanted for herself— nylons, personal items, getting her hair done, a facial now and then, you know. One day a friend was over, and saw this note between them on the kitchen counter: Cheryl<,/i> I need to get new nylons. Husband’s response: “You just bought nylons. What’s wrong with those?” Her friend suggested that was ridiculous, and that Cheryl should find something to do.  NULL She agreed so long as it didn’t interfere with her Mom and homemaker duties. Once she had made up her mind, she told me,

“I figured if I could just earn $200/mo, I could get them myself without having to ask him.”

And that’s how she began. She and 11 million of the 13 million members of the network marketing industry. That’s right: 85% of those in the business do it part time. The reason nearly everyone is part time is because people have other things they don’t want to give up, or sometimes they’re just not willing or able to go full time— with no guaranteed income, I mean. They want to learn about it and experience this business first. 85% of the networkers say this is a good thing. Building something strong part-time has two benefits that are easy to overlook: 1. The income, even working 5-7 hours per week, can be “residual.” And over the years, it can grow into that college fund, or be there for you in case you have to start a new life. 2. Once in a while, it succeeds more than you think it will.

The income, even working 5-7 hours per week, can be “residual.”

If you’re part time, and represent a product line that’s helped you, the least painful way to build up that little side income is to amass customers. Avoid recruiting them to sell, unless they specifically ask. That’s because people understand being a customer, but less than 1 in 100 want to sell anything to their friends. (Many people say they won’t buy from a network marketer because they don’t want to be pushed and nagged to sell.) The hard work to getting customers is in the beginning. It’s after the hard work of getting them is done, that that residual income starts to come in. Don’t lose sight of that goal: regular monthly income from regular customers who order each month, like cable TV or AOL customers do. Took them a long time to get their customers, too. Say your goal in the first 90 days is to get 10 customers. And say you earn $10/customer on their regular order. That would give you $100/mo if they order each month. Before you count on the money to start rolling in, plan time for: Learning what to say so you evoke the image you want in the other person’s mind. E.g. Say you have earth-friendly cleaning products. You’re looking for someone for whom natural, earth-friendly products are important, too. And that is a small slice of the market.

Know that – so you’re not beating on yourself when you get someone who’s not part of that slice.

And only part of that slice will buy your product. Remember talk is cheap. Many people just vent. Forking over that money is another matter. Let the person know why you are selling the product up front— because you like it yourself, yes? And it’s a way to make some extra income doing something good, or whatever your reason for marketing THIS product line is. Plan some friendly follow up and see how they’re using the product. Do not press or act desperate. A 5-7 hour/week money scenario. Say you decide to get 5 customers in the next 90 days, and 3 per month for the rest of the year. That’s 32 customers at the end of 12 months. (3 customers/mo x 9 months=27 customers, plus the 5 in the first 90 days.) If you earn $5/customer, you’re earning $160/mo ($5×32 customers). You can figure out what you’d earn yourself calculate what you earn per customer order of whatever size you’ll be looking to get. Ideally, your customers will end up ordering from the company and your company ships direct to the customer, and pays you each month. Your income is now residual – and that’s the idea.

That’s why that hard work in the beginning to GET the customers is so worth it— because their regular orders pay you month after month after month.

Yes, a few will fall off, happens with every company. So plan for some extras to keep your numbers where you want them. Many women have had this kind of extra residual income for 10-15 years or more. Why not you? 2. Once in a while, it succeeds more than you think it will, and it grows more than you expected. Now for the rest of our Nylon Woman’s story… When Cheryl actually DID earn $200, she thought, “Maybe I can do $400.” A few months later, when she got there, she had her big thought: “If I could just earn $5000/mo, then I could just take care of myself. I wouldn’t have to be dependent on anyone else anymore.” Two years later, that’s just what she had done. Today, 18 years later, this nylon woman is one of the industry’s millionaires, having earned nearly $12 million over the last 17 years. Who knows? What if it does work?


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