Women in Network Marketing by Rod Nichols

rod nicholsAlthough the leadership in network marketing is still dominated by men, women are making their move. Are there differences in the way men and women approach network marketing? Yes. Is one way better than the other? Probably not. However each could learn from the other. All you guys out there, listen up. We can learn something from the women about how to succeed in network marketing.

First, networking requires building rapport and trust quickly.

Women are generally much better at this. Some of you men are getting in touch with your feminine side and are becoming better at this. Women tend to be more emotional and can touch another person’s emotional side quicker. This builds a solid bond that is hard to break. Men tend to be like a bull in a china closet, powering in for the close. The key here is to understand the primary reason why a prospect might be interested in network marketing and then cater your approach to that emotional need. NULL

Second, women are better encouragers.

They make great network marketing leaders, because they understand what motivates their distributors and uses that to keep them excited. Also, they have a softer approach, which tends to appeal to people better than a man’s harder, less caring approach. Also, women are better at nurturing relationships. Men are more into competition and winning, while women are into creating win-win situations. In each situation, evaluate how you can create a win-win situation with your prospects. Third, on the whole, women bring a higher level of integrity to network marketing. Without their influence, this industry might be an “anything goes” business. Men would focus on conquering and winning. That’s contrary to the networking principle.

Here we want to share, nurture, and encourage people to success.

Although the leadership in network marketing is still dominated by men, women are making their move. There is plenty of room up at the top for all of us, both men and women. Let’s learn from each other, become better people, and build the greatest industry in the history of the world!


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