Women in Network Marketing by Michael Bernoff

Michael BernoffThe four areas to success!  Have you ever had someone roll their eyes at you as soon as you mentioned you are network marketing opportunity? Immediately the very words “direct sales” or “MLM” or “network marketing” invoke negative thoughts of bored housewives throwing parties and making a few bucks based on guilt and obligation. Women who sucker their friends and family into forking over their money buying face creams and candles…while their husbands grumble from the other room. What a stereotype! It’s true, many women venture into network marketing with the idea that they can build their home-based business, make supplemental income and hopefully bring some variety into their day-to-day routine of backpacks and soccer games. Most do not make it work. Why? Because they got into it without enough information or didn’t have a great leader to teach them.  NULL But then, there are those that actually GET IT. Here’s what successful women in network marketing get…

They get it that network marketing is a huge industry built by business men and women that are wildly successful, polished professionals.

These women are professionals that use their determination, education and communication to bring them influence and success. So rather than being a silly little “housewives’ business” that people roll their eyes at… let’s view network marketing for what it is… a serious business opportunity.

Whoever you are, male or female; let it be known that the women in successful network marketing are not hindered by anyone’s opinion, negative publicity or by stereotypes.

They are not derailed from their dream by the naysayers and the skeptics. They are out on a mission to bring their opportunity to anyone and everyone who is interested in going outside their own little comfort zone. And it’s working. In preparation for this article, I interviewed a leader in a network marketing company who at the age of 36 has built an enormous team, retired her husband from his company and is successfully parenting her two children while reaping the extreme financial rewards of her efforts. I asked her “Did you know in advance you could be this successful in network marketing?” Take a guess at what she answered. “YES!” She graduated from college and got to choose where she’d work. She knew she was good and would be successful. She just had to make a choice. She could take a position at a company, open her own business or join a network marketing opportunity. She said she chose network marketing because she liked the combination… the opportunity welcomed her entrepreneurial spirit and offered the structure of a company. She chose her career path and has worked diligently ever since. So what does it take for a woman to be successful in network marketing? The opportunity doesn’t discriminate between gender or age. And it can be the perfect solution for women who desire a career that is flexible enough to give them the time to remain involved with their family. It’s the perfect solution for Generation Y-ers that don’t want to spend their life working for ABC Company. It’s the perfect solution for women who want to do something with purpose in their golden years. But what does a women need to be successful? What does it take to not get in and get out in a few months time, calling it “a dumb idea”? It takes you focusing on 4 areas. I’d venture to say there is not a successful leader in the industry that doesn’t constantly focus on these areas. So what does it take?

To be a successful woman in network marketing you must work on these 4 areas: Industry knowledge, Circle of Influence, Financial resources, Belief in self.

1. Industry Knowledge – Do you know that network marketing is a big industry? You must believe in the founders of your organization and understand that they are savvy business men and women who will provide you with the tools, training and products to be successful. If you don’t know much about the industry, do some research. Search online to get some background info on the industry and your own company management. You will be impressed. Once you see the illustrious careers of those at the top, you’ll understand this is serious business. With this information, you’ll be far better positioned to recruit others into a well structured, profitable business. 2. Circle of Influence – You must have some circle of influence to be effective. If the road of your life is a junk yard of mistakes and mishaps you have some work to do. You’ll require credibility and the respect of others to be able to recruit effectively. If others respect you, you are more likely to influence them into your business. People listen to and follow those they admire. Even Brittany Spears, with all her challenges, has the ability to influence others because she is admired for her voice and her beauty. As you build your business, focus on building a bigger circle of influence. If you do not have one now, use what skills you have to build one. You can do so by joining groups, engaging with others, etc. Focus on your communication skills so you are great at capturing the attention and building rapport with friends and strangers. 3. Financial Resources – In many ways our world revolves around money, we know that. To be successful in network marketing you have to have some financial resources. Any start up business requires some amount of capital. Here’s an idea: If you have a job, don’t quit! Use your day job to be a venture capitalist for your network marketing business. Use your time outside of your job and family to wisely, decisively and methodically grow your business. Once it’s cranking away, you can make a decision to keep or not keep your day job. Often times, people that are struggling financially will look to network marketing as a way to start a business with little startup costs. It does offer that. However, if know in advance you’ll struggle to pay autoship each month, you must make decisions to increase your financial resources. That may be a decision to recruit 5 people each month so that you are incrementally strengthening your financial resources. Make a decision to increase your resources steadily by taking action and following through on the commitment you’ve made to yourself to make the business work. 4. Belief in Yourself – Successful women in network marketing believe in themselves. They are confident. Are you confident in yourself? If not now, pick the areas you are confident in and then identify the areas you need to work on. Gracing the covers of copy after copy of different network marketing magazines are the smiling faces of women who have “made it big” in network marketing. Did they all start with a bag full of confidence, belief in themselves, industry knowledge and financial resources? Probably not!

But they started with a decision to go get it. They took action and stretched themselves past their comfort zone, which brought them confidence.

And that confidence and belief put the smile on their face. Become the person that has the skills that can be successful, and you will be. Imagine if you talked to 2 people every day about your business. Maybe the conversation would go well, may not. Either way, you’ve stretched yourself and with every step… your belief in yourself grows. You’ll stop saying things like “I’ll try”… and start saying “I WILL!” What you need to know about women in network marketing is this:

It’s an equal opportunity for all and the gal with the most decision, action and follow through will achieve their success.

What will you do?


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