Women in Network Marketing… A force one cannot ignore by Debbie Madiou

Debbie Madiou4 Top Reasons Network Marketing is a great match for women It’s no secret that women make up the majority of the network marketing industry. It makes sense when you put the basic building blocks of Network Marketing together. Products and Services in Network Marketing Women buy most of the consumable products and services in their family. Most want products and services that fit there lifestyle. Traditionally network marketing companies offer products that women want to buy.

Women also tend to be retail customers of network marketing products. As such they are proponents of making retail sales, and focus training down-line on retail sales and not recruiting as a foundation in their business. This helps build sales, and growth for the company.

 NULL Social Networking Women are entrenched in social networking in their lives. This helps women build relationships which are important to selling products and recruiting. Young women like Party Plan companies. They are popular today because it ties in to social networking and young moms can earn part time income with a flexible schedule. Party Plan selling also attracts women because of its fun and comfortable atmosphere. It’s what social marketing, networking is all about! Communication Women have an innate ability with people and communication. They are great listeners and understand other people’s situations. Women can easily identify if a team member is dedicated to building their network marketing business. Women also have a sixth sense, call it women’s intuition. Women can feel what a person is thinking which can give them an unfair advantage when selling a retail customer or prospecting a new business partner. Women Can DO IT ALL Women are known for being great at multitasking. They can focus on more than one task at a time with a smile on their face! Their daily commitments to family and responsibility to kids makes it an easy adjustment to add a part time business to the mix.

Women are exceptionally well matched for network marketing. The flexible schedules and a fun and challenging way to bring significant income home without trading time for dollars make sense for women who are looking to work at home.

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