Women in Network Marketing: The New 80/20 for women moving into their power in the new millennium! by Laura Johnson

Laura JohnsonLaura interviews successful leader, Artemis Limpert, who shares insights into the strengths that make women shine in the network marketing industry. Recently you may have read the article the Small Business Associate put out that said that women influence 80% of consumer purchases. Don’t you find that amazing? Have you thought about how women also play a big role in influencing network marketing? Even though I coach many people in networking marketing I hadn’t really thought about women’s role and influence in this industry. So while doing some research, I found a familiar name coming up several times. This woman’s influence on network marketing seemed quite outstanding so I wanted to know more about her and her thoughts on network marketing and women.  NULL Her name is Artemis Limpert. Artemis is a Body-for-Life Grand Champion. A successful 6-Figure income earner in Corporate America, Artemis then moved on to develop a Network Marketing Organization and in only a few short years had achieved the Top Ranking in her company, trained Thousands of Distributors, became a highly respected Team Builder, and earning a Multiple 6 Figure Income. Here is some great information she shared with me. LAURA: Artemis, the first thing I would like to know is what you like best about network marketing. ARTEMIS: It’s the accelerated game of life! Network marketing is a powerful vehicle to create financial and time Freedom… and it builds leadership in people’s lives developing in them the power to choose and create their life’s path and legacy. A couple of years in the game of Direct Sales and Network Marketing can compress a lifetime of experience and skill development into just a few short years for someone who is “willing” to Apprentice at a high level and “play full out”. The reward for such a person is financial and time freedom that most Americans only dream about. This profession changes lives and it changes destinies… I love that outcome and have committed my excellence to that end!

Network marketing is a Leadership business, and hand-in-hand with developing one’s leadership, comes the power to “Respond” to the situations of life rather than the powerless position of just “Reacting. That skill is worth millions in life…

LAURA: In describing the difference between a job and network marketing what are the real distinguishing points? ARTEMIS: n.Many people let their fear of the unknown stop them from going to new places. Here’s a great way to look at the fear of the unknown when entering into the profession of Network Marketing. You get jobs for what you already know… that’s what resumes supposedly prove to your future employer. However, when you come into network marketing remember you enter that door for what you are “willing to learn”. As long as you keep a “learning mindset” you’ll thrive in your business. What about the fear of whether you can do it or not? I always let people know that this fear may be true… but not to worry, the person you are today is not the person who will walk across the stage. Be willing to be bad enough for long enough to get really good… and you’ll become wealthy beyond your wildest imaginatio LAURA: Do you feel men and women perform differently in network marketing? How? ARTEMIS: I’m going to admit up front that answering anything about men and women requires using some generalizations. In my experience, everyone struggles at times with wanting to make changes in their lives, while at the same time having the desire to keep everything the same…this is a very common crossroads.

What leads anyone to consider starting a Network marketing business is the recognition in some form or fashion that their current financial path has their “Ladder against the wrong wall”, and unless something changes, life will not end up as they had hoped.

Many people quit on themselves during their first year in network marketing because they have unrealistic expectation for themselves and about their business. Men seem to feel guilt about trying to keep the family’s current standard of living and question their right to make a change if it means anyone else is affected. Women may feel this same pressure and they carry guilt about any time away from family and children. The Truth is that starting a new business in order to create a new financial outcome will require inevitable change in the family’s current routine and financial allocations. Sit down as a family and talk about this openly just as you would if you chose to start a traditional brick and mortar family business. What do we really want to create financially… and what are we willing to commit in both “Human Capital” and “Financial Capital” to make our financial goal a reality? LAURA: Why do you believe women are such a powerful force in network marketing? ARTEMIS: Again admitting we are talking in generalities here… women tend to enjoy and thrive in cooperative environments. Corporate America is built on a WIN-LOSE structure. If you get the promotion… then someone else does not. The higher you go in the corporate structure… the fewer positions there are for “Winners”. Network marketing is a WIN-WIN structure. Whatever success I achieve does not lessen anyone else’s chances to achieve that same level of success. In network marketing there is room for everyone at the top. Emotionally, personally and professionally the WIN-WIN environment of network marketing is a very powerful forum for women to move into their power and develop their skills, character and financial wealth. LAURA: If you had one great nugget that you would like to give to women who want to not only become a network marketer but want to really influence their teams in network marketing to help them succeed; what would that nugget be? ARTEMIS: Learn to develop yourself and give up the habit of “people-pleasing”. If you please people and do what they like… they will likely stay. You may laugh now and say to yourself… Isn’t that the point of network marketing… getting people to stay? This is a common misperception, and I can tell you this is why many women run a non-profit business from the discomfort of their home. Most women find “people-pleasing” drains them and in the end, leaves them feeling exhausted, frustrated and angry.

HAVE THE COURAGE TO STEP INTO YOUR LIFE AND DISCOVER WHAT YOU LOVE! Then do what you love and attract others who love what you love.

This will create a replenishing cycle of energy and create a for-profit business from the comfort of your home. I promise you, a business based on this kind of authenticity will reward you personally and financially, and give you a deep sense of self satisfaction. You can take that promise to the bank! LAURA: Zig Ziglar has always talked about the fact that it is not the goal that is as important as the person you become by working towards that goal. Artemis reiterates that for network marketing in a beautiful way. ARTEMIS: People come for the money… You have to tie them to “TEAM”… So they can fall in love with the journey… To become the person who walks away with the money… Which is what they came to create… financial wealth! LAURA: Women have a huge influence in network marketing and in the role they take on to be successful. They have a passion that drives them to become better, stronger, and more knowledgeable and leads to new worlds of opportunity.

The best thing, the very best thing about all of this is we get to choose who we want to be, and with the encouragement of others, go towards its’ attainment.



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