Work-Life Balance: Claim Control Today! by Debbie Madiou

Debbie MadiouBeing the CEO of your home bases business has its challenges, but in my mind it’s the best place to be. When your work life and personal life are out of balance, you and your family’s stress level is likely to soar. Say yes to balance in your life. There was a time when the boundaries between work and home were fairly clear. Today, however, for those of us who are involved in a home based business work is likely to invade our personal life. Maintaining work-life balance is no simple task.

However work-life balance isn’t out of reach. Start by evaluating your relationship to work. Then apply self imposed rules to help you strike a healthier balance.

Are you CEO of your own business and your life? It can be tempting to rack up hours building a home based business working at home and then miles working on the road. As exciting as it can be, families can suffer a loss when a loved one is not present with their time and full attention to the people around them. NULL

As CEO you are in control of your time. As a leader you are open to be pushed and pulled in many directions. However, it is up to you set boundaries and consider any costs it will have on those around you. Here are some guidelines to better balance your life:

  • Have a journal by your bed. Every night write in your thoughts and reflections on the day. If you are not writing about your loved ones you know changes need to be made.
  • Have a planner and plan out you time. Write in your family time, obligations, events first. Then fill in your business life around it.
  • Have times during the day when business calls are off limits. Here are just some examples:
    • When the kids get home from school.
    • When your wife gets off of work.
    • Breakfast time. Start your day with your loved ones in a relaxed time, away from the stresses of the day.
    • Dinner Hour. This can be a time when you learn the most about your families day. Remember its not all about you!

Everyone knows when their most important time is for their loved ones. It is up to you to be disconnected and honor those times to best of your ability.

Achieving balance with business and life is something that is close to my heart. George’s days are filled with phone calls, meetings, traveling. webinars, etc. It is often challenging to disconnect at times that are “off hour’s’ It is a constant challenge that we share with all of you. Being the CEO of your home bases business has its challenges, but in my mind it’s the best place to be. The advantages much outweigh the challenges. George and I have been blessed to travel together. Our time is ours to spend as we want. So be the CEO of your life not just your business and enjoy a life of success love, and great memories!


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