Yes… Taking Action Just Got Easier by Bob McKay

How I’m building my business in partnership with

Network Marketing is the most incredible vehicle that an Individual can have in there lives. Is it easy? No but it is worth it! How do I know that? Because I have experienced that great feeling of knowing that by working with people and understanding them and helping them get to the success level that they want to accomplish, then and only then, will I arrive at where I want to go. It is unlike traditional business out there, and that is why I have embraced the gift of Network Marketing for so many years.

Gift: 1.something given voluntarily with out payment in return. 2. something bestowed or acquired without being sought or earned by the receiver

When a gift is given, it may be received without any real appreciation at the time or even totally rejected from the receiver because of lack of knowledge of the value of the gift offered. Isn’t that what we do with our Company in Network Marketing? That’s where the term “SW (Some Will) SW (Some Won’t) SW (Some are Waiting) Next!!!” comes from— we are sifting and sorting!

I have now taken the posture with those members of my SUCCESS TEAM.

Once they have committed and declared to me and themselves what it is that they want to achieve with Isagenix, they must invest in themselves. They need to commit to going on the corporate calls; they must write their vision statement and their goals and review daily. And last but not least, they must subscribe to

There is only one of me!

But those on the TEAM realize that within the articles and the audios of this tool there are hundreds and probably thousands of years of experience available within the magazine. It is accessible 24/7 for pennies a day. Why wouldn’t I insist that they become a subscriber of The Network Marketing Magazine? There are three groups of people in the Industry of Network Marketing:

1. The Novice

2. Experienced but maybe stalled!

3. Those going to the Top!

I have categorized our Success Team into three components:

The Novice – those who haven’t yet had any experience in Network Marketing. They have just entered kindergarten; we have to start with the basics which prepare them to get to grade one. This is where it gets exciting. Remember spending hours at the kitchen table drawing circles and becoming familiar with talents we didn’t know we had, practice time. These can be the formative years. This is where people get it, or they don’t!!! This is where it can get exciting!!!

When I get a newbie on the TEAM one of the first articles that I get them to read is from the first issue by Tim Sales, The #1 Skill.

This article talks about what we need to do to become a Professional Inviter. With this article we are taught that we need to ask questions, ask questions and ask questions. Then and only then will we know if the person is a qualified individual to invite.

The next article I place in front of a person is Richard Brook, The Art of Listening. This is also from the first issue of the Magazine. Here we learn from one of the top individuals who became a great distributor in the industry, and later on become an owner of the company that he works for— talk about commitment.

We learn from Richard that we need to validate the person we’re speaking with, by listening to them not with our agenda but by listening to what they are telling us when answering our question.

Learn to ask questions and to really listen, then we can become the most interesting person to everyone we meet, and in turn will find out what is important in their lives, and if what we have will be of interest to them. If you haven’t read this article it is a must!

The last article that I assign to a new person is Bird Sense by Terri Levine. In this article we learn the dynamics of TEAM work and the importance of working as a cohesive group. We learn about the strength of the V formation as it relates to flocks of geese that fly thousands of miles each year as they migrate south for the winter. We incorporate that within our TEAM and explain to our inexperienced partners that we only achieve success when we work together as do flocks of geese.

Experienced but Stuck or Stalled!!! These are those who have had a taste of the industry, but for whatever reason have lost focus on what they originally wanted from Network Marketing. This is usually when a person stops doing those consistent daily procedures such as reviewing goals twice a day, affirmations, reading good books (self development, learning new skills etc.) and being grateful through meditations or prayers.

The little things that we stop doing can be the most defeating in our lives.

There are so many good articles that can help a stalled person in this Industry, but a few that I recommend to this group are, The Importance of High Self-esteem to your Network Marketing Success by Dr. Joe Rubino, a great article to get a person back on track.

Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler’s article The Amazing Power of Belief is another great article that talks about belief and why we need to renew everyday why we are doing our business.

And finally, there is Five Steps to Designing a Better Life by Michael Clouse, a very short article which puts into perspective what must be done to get out of the slump we all seem to get into sometimes.

Those Going to the Top- These individuals are the most exciting people to be around! It doesn’t matter what happens in their lives, they know where they are going.

What articles inspire them?? Every article!

They are the people that are on all the calls, they are reading all those books that we hear about, and they are the ones who duplicate themselves. They are the Lifetime Members at They know what it takes to go to the top and are willing to invest in themselves. I would like to thank George Madiou and his staff at the, they are truly visionary people and I look forward with anticipation for the new articles and training features coming from The in the months to come.


Bob McKay

 Yes… Taking Action Just Got Easier by Bob McKay


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