“You are wrong.” by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

“You are wrong.”

Nobody likes to hear that.

Of course, we could say, “You really should have listened to me six months ago when I told you to start your own part-time business. You would be in a much better place with this virus situation. So, do you want to join now?”

That is pretty insensitive and rude, and it invites rejection. Nobody likes to be wrong, and they like it even less when we point out that they were wrong. Plus, there is a more urgent crisis to take care of now. Keeping the job, managing cash flow, and figuring out how to pay the day-to-day bills. That is their main focus right now.

What’s a better strategy?

Many people are working from home during this virus situation. When they are forced to go back to work and commute, they will appreciate the freedom and lower stress of working at home. It is easier for people to believe when they experience the benefits.

Then, they will be more open-minded if we remind them about our opportunity.

Start off with the word, “Relax.”

This takes the pressure off our prospect, and most of the sales barriers go away. Plus, we feel better too. This all happens in a second.

Here is an example of a skeptical prospect, and what we could say in conversation.

Prospect: “Okay, give me your big sales pitch.” (This is not starting well.)

Us: “Relax, you don’t have to do anything and nothing will change. But, if you would like to have a chance to double your pension in nine months, we can talk.”

That was quick. Our prospect can now make an instant decision to hear what we’re offering, or not. And, no humans were harmed in this experiment.

Many readers don’t know this …

“Many readers don’t know this, but Albert Einstein was my great, great uncle.”

Shocked that I kept that secret this long?

Wonder why I never mentioned it before?

Well, here is the reason. Because it is not true. It just “feels” true because of the way I said it.

What if I just opened with this? “Albert Einstein was my great, great uncle.” It seems less credible.

When we start with “Many people don’t know this” before our fact, people naturally assume that our fact is true. Plus, we also have their attention.

I am not advocating using this phrase to tell lies to people. But, many times people don’t appreciate the benefits we offer. When we use the phrase “Many people don’t know this” before our fact, people will accept our fact as true with less skepticism.

We don’t want skepticism in our conversations. Skepticism means prospects don’t believe us or put more filters in front of their minds. This kills sales.

Professionals use these types of phrases to get the job done.

Amateurs? They just talk. Usually, they talk with no structure and resort to random oral diarrhea. They never learn how to talk commercially.

Need some examples of using this phrase?
• “Many people don’t know this, but a part-time business along with a regular job can make us millionaires in only a few years.”
• “Many people don’t know this, but according to statistics, regular jobs guarantee that we will be broke at age 65.”
• “Many people don’t know this, but people that only search for a good side-hustle earn much less than people that actually work a good side-hustle. Yeah, starting anything now makes the difference.”
• “Many people don’t know this, but there is a 90% chance that they are paying more than their neighbor for the same electricity.”
• “Many people don’t know this, but building a strong immune system now is the biggest factor to living longer.”
• “Many people don’t know this, but wrinkles are reversible.”
• “Many people don’t know this, but the biggest risk-takers get all of their income from a single job source.”
• “Many network marketers don’t know this, but feeding our minds with one chapter a day from a book can put us in the top 1% of earners quickly.”

Q: What is the fastest way to win over our prospects?

A. Compare our new information to something they already know.

Our brains have trouble understanding new things such as breakthrough technology, complicated compensation plans, how much capital it takes for a residual income, etc.

Our prospects don’t have time for this.

Instead, if we can compare our new information to something they already know, it makes this learning process easy. Some examples?
• This anti-aging cream is like making our face 20 years younger.
• Our business is like a regular business without all the hassles.
• Our weekly paychecks feel like Christmas bonuses every Friday.

A sponsoring method that is just too easy.

Want a great way to turn cold prospects into entrepreneurs?

This takes less than a minute, and is so easy, it is almost illegal. 😉

Ask our prospects to:

1 Write down three things they like to do.
2 Next, write down how much time they spend doing each of these three things.
3 Ask the prospects, “Who is in charge of your time?”
4 Then, explain how network marketing can put them in charge of their time.

Work before rewards.

“Please pay me first, and then I will go to work.” Let’s say that to our bosses and see what happens.

We must remember that in network marketing, we have to do the work … first.

And what is our work?

Getting “yes” decisions, of course.

The decision doesn’t have to be big. All we want to know is:

“Do you want to take advantage of what I have to offer, or do you want to keep your life the same?”

This is a simple decision for anyone to make. And this decision is quick.

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