You can do it! By Paul Morris

You can do it!

You have all heard throughout your lifetime the mantra “you can do it!” And there is enough evidence that you CAN do it simply from all the examples that ‘others have done You can do it!

By Paul Morris it’, and if they have done it, then so can you.  Even the good book says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

There are people who are blind that have become very successful, people who are hearing impaired and yes even paraplegics and quadriplegics and the best example is one person you may have met or at least seen his YouTube videos, who was born with no arms and no legs and travels all over the face of the earth giving motivational talks and encouraging people spiritually.

So, the question should never be CAN you do it?

Of course, you can!

The question therefore is WILL you do it?

Riddle: Three frogs sat on a lily pad. Two decided to jump in the pond. (All three knew they could jump in the pond – but only two decided to jump in the pond), so, how many are left on the lily pad?  Invariably everyone answers there is one left. But the answer is ALL three are left on the lily pad because two of them only decided to jump in the pond; they did not take action. They may have even intended to jump in the pond and perhaps eventually would have jumped in the pond, someday. But without action they are still sitting on that lily pad.

You can know you CAN do it, you may even DECIDE to do it, you may even intend to do it, but still have nothing happen if you don’t take action.  Taking action is an act of the will; a choice to do something immediately with no delay.

So, can you be a huge success in Network Marketing? Absolutely. The choice is yours and it is entirely up to you to take the action to make things happen. Action that will lead to success is quite simple… “TALK TO PEOPLE” – Get passionate about that which you are doing and share your story.

“If the story gets told, the product gets sold”

Your product may be your product line or your business opportunity or a combination of both. Your job is to use the product and become a product of the product and have your testimonial to tell others. If it is owning a home-based business that is your main product you are promoting, then develop your business testimonial and start telling your story.  If you do not have a story to tell yet, then share your vision and tell stories of the success of your upline leaders and other top performers in your company.

You cannot control how many people enroll at each presentation or how many will enroll out of every five ‘one on one’ presentations, but you can control how many times you make presentations. 

A presentation may be in person, or via Skype, Zoom or simply sending a video for the prospect to watch.

It all boils down to giving presentations. You CAN control how may emails you send out, you CAN control how many phone calls you make, you CAN control how many business cards or names and phone numbers of pf prospects you collect each day. So, take the ACTION to do as many of these business building functions as possible in your daily schedule.

Join Networking Groups, Attend events. Build your Network. Your Network will determine your Net worth.

However, your success, your wildest dreams becoming a reality, your freedom, your financial independence is all up to you and you WILLING to do what you know you can do.

Can you do it? Yes. Will you do it? That is up to you!

  • Paul Morris

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