You Can Do It! By Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

You Can Do It!

The most important factor.

In every company, there are some distributors who do really well, and others who do really bad.

Remember, the company is not the determining factor in our success. We are the most important factor.

“I can read your intentions.”

Think of the word “intention” when calling prospects. Prospects have sophisticated subconscious mind detectors that pick up clues about our intentions. So to compensate, before the call, we could say to ourselves, “My only agenda is to offer one more option to this person’s life.”

It is subtle, but people notice.

Another way to look at the closing process.

If our prospects need extra income, and we offer an extra income, we don’t have to sell them on our opportunity.
Then what is our role?
Prospects fear change. Our job is to help and support them through their temporary fear of changing their circumstances. Our real sales role is to:

1.     Sell our prospect on change.

2.     Hold their hand through the process.Prospects want to change, but many times they need a partner or support person to take that final step. This might look like:

  • ·        Providing testimonials.

  • ·        Handling objections.

  • ·        Giving them more facts to ease their stress.

But all this comes after the decision to change.


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