You Can Do It…. REALLY! By Dr. Steve Taubman

You Can Do It…. REALLY!

If you’ve ever seen my Empowerment Hypnosis show at your company’s convention, at ANMP, or any of the other network marketing events at which I present, you’ve likely seen me do the “You Can Do It” routine.

In fact, you can find an example of it right on my site,

Here’s what it is. I take one of my hypnotized subjects and suggest to them that they are the motivational speaker who everyone came to see. They are internationally renowned and considered among the most inspiring speakers on the planet. They’ve come to deliver a two minute speech called, “You Can Do It!”

On cue, that person jumps out of their chair, grabs the microphone from my hand, and launches into a truly inspired speech that brings the entire audience to its feet.

Here’s the thing. If you were to ask any of the people to whom I made that suggestion whether or not they’d be capable of such a thing, they’d all say no.

“I’m not a public speaker. I don’t have anything to say. I don’t know how to motivate an audience.”

And yet, when asked to do that very thing while hypnotized, they all, to a one, rise to the occasion.

What does this say about us as human beings? And where does all that inspiration come from? Here’s the hypnotist’s explanation.

We all have far more potential than we realize. We’re brimming over with all the resources we need to empower, inspire, and uplift ourselves and others. Yet, we’ve been programmed to believe otherwise.

When I make the suggestion onstage, I’m counting on the fact that this is true. I add nothing to that person’s mind that wasn’t already there. I simply subtract the part that contains doubt.

Free of doubt, greatness flows out in large measure. This is true for everyone… including you.

Do you want to inspire others to achieve great things? Do you want to produce incredible results in your business? Do you want to reach goals you’ve convinced yourself are remote? Then what you need to do is “unhypnotize” yourself. You need to set aside the self-limiting programs that trap your greatness behind an invisible wall of negative beliefs.

This process of peeling away layers of doubt and freeing your greatness to flow is a predictable one. It works every time in the same way that gravity works every time. There’s no need to doubt the efficacy of the process.

Instead, what you can doubt is your doubt. You can, after seeing examples of how easy it is to shift from hopelessness and despair to “prosperity neurology” (a mental program that invites success), begin to turn your attention to how it is that you’ve allowed yourself to continue living small, limiting your growth, or defining your capacity to succeed in an unfavorable way.

In other words, if you’re wise, you can begin to realize that “You can do it” isn’t just a nice, yet unrealistic idea, but that it is an absolute reality. You can witness your own mental programming which suggests otherwise. And you can undertake a process to systematically reject your limiting beliefs. To do otherwise when you know that it’s possible to flip your success switch is just plain silly.

If you’ve been hitting invisible walls and think you’re incapable of succeeding in a bigger way, stop trying to work harder. Stop trying to pretend that you’re not sabotaging yourself. And instead, turn all your attention to reprogramming your subconscious mind.

In the work I do and in the hypnotic programs I provide for our industry, I leverage the power of your subconscious mind to eliminate your invisible walls. Once that’s accomplished, there’s no going back. A mind unfettered by doubt is unstoppable. A person who has been “unhypnotized” from the negative self talk in their heads is a force to behold.

We all have greatness inside ourselves. If you’re not manifesting it, it’s not because you lack some fundamental quality. You’re smart enough to succeed in this industry. You’ve got everything you need. You’re just suffering from an unwanted mental program, much like a computer virus. Once that virus is eliminated, the innate quality of success will shine through.

The resources are there for the taking. The process is consistently effective. And it doesn’t take years to work. Remove your mental barriers and discover the power at your disposal. You can be successful. You can be happy. You can be influential. You can do it.

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