You Have Only One Life To Live By George Madiou

George Madiou

You have one life to live, why not have a big bold goal for that life!

Early on I was told that life is not a dress rehearsal.

I thought about that for a long time. Early on in my schooling, I treated life like it was just that, a dress rehearsal! I had no direction.

I then meet a man who would change my life. This man was a professor of mine. His name is Larry Baker, man taught me that truly, the sky was the limit. He knew that my desire was to be in business. He also knew that I wasn’t sure what business that would be, but he recognized, that was my core desire

He helped me get out of the engineering curriculum that I was enrolled in, in a two-year state university located in Morrisville, NY that I was attending, and into the business department where he was a professor and the chairman of the Business Department. I excelled and was online to graduate on time, with a two-year business degree. I did so well with that move, in my new on target goal, that I got a full scholarship to NYU the next year!

 After graduation from New York University, I started to explore a number of different businesses, all of them small, but all of them were exciting. I loved having control over my income and my direction and the experience was a thrill.

 50 years after I graduated from that first school (1972), where my lifelong friend, Larry, guided me to make and pursue my goals, I have done just that.

I have created 36 businesses in 6 different industries. I learned a lot from my start with my friend Larry and my goal was to make a difference in other people’s lives.

 I discovered network marketing and through that discovery, I realized that this was a profession that allowed a person to be in business for themselves after they had chosen a company to align themselves with that that they had a passion for with the product or services.

 I thought network marketing was the most ideal form of business that I had ever been involved in. It gave a person the ability to set personal goals and the ability to succeed in an astronomical way

 As many of you know network marketing has gotten a bad rap and the reality is after all those businesses and after all of those industries that I had been involved in I realized that I had some skill sets that were really conducive to helping people in this industry guide them to a business of their own. A business that wasn’t falsely touched with the message of being able to get rich quick or other schemes like that. network marketing is an opportunity to have a real business of consequence for themselves and their family

 After spending years in network marketing as a distributor I realized that this industry that I found was the ideal business model for a person who wanted to succeed in their own business. They would have the opportunity to create a business with something that they had a passion for. They didn’t have to work 40 years to get a gold watch, they could buy their own gold watch earned from a business that they created for themselves and their family.

 I also realized that unfortunately there were a couple of glaring problems in this industry.

Two major problems that could be averted if they came to this profession with the right goals to follow.

The first problem was that only 3% of network marketers were making significant money (or in other words, 97% weren’t doing so well.) And the second problem was, people would come and go in their business after only 60 or 90 days. We knew if we worked with those who had a goal of succeeding in their business and committed the time and the effort to learn the skillsets for success, we could absolutely increase the success rate significantly.

 After experiencing this great industry I understood that there needed to be some generic business education and education that helped people that really wanted to learn the skill sets necessary to become successful.

In 2005 I started a magazine called The Network Marketing Magazine.

 After a long line of businesses that I had started, The Network Marketing Magazine was the most exciting business that I had been involved in.  I met some of the most incredible brilliant teacher’s trainer’s coaches that wrote for the magazine that the industry had to offer.

 My goal was to help those people who we call 27%ers, those who were the people that wanted to learn the skill sets necessary to become successful in their business. Success in their business didn’t mean that they were going to be earning, inside of a couple of months, $10,000 a month.

What it meant was that the business that they are engaged in was, First of all, one that they loved. Second, they were willing to do the work, and Third, they were going to stick to it, and success looks like they are earning for the 1st time, $300 or $400 a month, quickly. I realized that too many people didn’t even earn that.

 My goal is to help an industry, but not the entire industry it is to be able to help those people that were willing to help themselves to learn the skill set to be able to start a business and grow and to be consistent in their effort that was going to have them succeed. There were too many people that didn’t reach that low bar and we are going to change that.

 Next month June 2022 is such an exciting month for me it is our 200th consecutive monthly issue of The Network Marketing Magazine and my goal of helping those people that wanted to learn the skill sets is well on its way to a worldwide effort to help those 27%ers to do just that.

 Along the way, I have met world leaders that have the same core value and want the same thing for their people. We’ve come together as a group to be able to change the industry for the better.

 We are in the process of changing that worldview of network marketing. We feel that this is one of the most honorable professions out there that a person can get involved in when done correctly.

 If you don’t have a big bold goal I would suggest that you spend some time, walking on the beach, hiking a mountain, clearing your head, think about what it is that you would like to do to make a difference not only in your life and your family’s life but in society in general because we only get one go at this life. It’s a gratifying exercise that you could endeavor in the earlier the better but there’s no time like now

 Here’s to an awesome goal that you will be choosing if you haven’t already chosen one. I look forward to hearing about your goals

God bless you!

Aim High,

George Madiou Founder & CEO


George Madiou
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