You know words matter… by Stephanie Oden

You know words matter… But have you done this?? Try it On…

You may even have an experience like I did where you thought a thing, felt a thing so deeply, and spoke a thing into being.

They call it manifesting… I call it ‘feeling it so deeply that it came to be’.

Like the time when I was so emotionally broken; that I spoke the words and experienced a real break… (Broken ankle, emergency surgery, and the whole works..)

So I know words matter.

Let me share this with you and if it fits you, you can wear it too.

I was free journaling and wrote the statement:

‘I plan to win’
.. okay… not so bad. But I scribbled it out. It didn’t fit.

I wrote: ‘I will win’.
.. hmm that definitely is a conscious language… I thought.
I underlined it… But it still wasn’t it.

I wrote: ‘I am winning’
..with ‘I am’ being the most powerful words, right… I did feel a powerful shift.. energetically. I circled it.

Then I wrote this: ‘I have won’ —

This did it for me. I felt a vibrational shift… I can’t explain it.

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Stephanie Oden
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