You Reap What You Sow by Chris Widener

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Chris_WidenerI want to give us a few ideas to chew on in regard to what we sow and how we can reap the benefit or reap from it in the future.

There is an old principle: You reap what you sow. In fact, it is about as natural of a principle as you can get. When you put an apple seed into the ground, you always get an apple tree. You reap what you sow.

Even as this principle works in nature, it also works in our businesses, schools and organizations.

Everything that we do is what we are sowing.

And while we may not see immediate gains or gratification from our actions, it is true that eventually we will. Some time in the future, the totality of our actions and words will amount to something.

I want to give us a few ideas to chew on in regard to what we sow and how we can reap the benefit or reap from it in the future.

People. Ultimately, our enterprises involve people, whether it is those who sell to us, our employees, or our clients. What are you sowing in regard to those people? Are you sowing good will? Are you sowing a caring attitude? Are you sowing to their interests over your own? As you do these things, I believe you will reap a tremendous harvest. People will genuinely like and appreciate you, and people do business with people they genuinely like and appreciate. When you fail, and you will from time to time, people will be much more forgiving if you have sown properly.

Product. Whether we have something tangible or not, we all have some product that others purchase or use. Are you sowing excellence in your product? Are you sowing longevity? Are you sowing reliability and dependability? As you sow these things people will come back for more of the same, as well as other products you offer. You will reap their loyalty and their return. You will also reap a good reputation as word gets out on what you have sown into other’s lives.

Charity. I believe that every enterprise ought to have as a foundational value that it will be charitable. That in some way, be it large or small, they will give back. Are you sowing to your community? Are you sowing of your time, money or energy? As you do, you will reap three primary things. First, a better community. Second, you will reap a deep sense of satisfaction that your community is better because you gave something back to it. Third, people will want to do business with you because they know that part of their business will in turn benefit their community.

Sow some good stuff this week. And you’ll reap the benefit later!

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