You were by Birthright Meant to Fly by Paul Peccianti

Paul_John_PecciantiLife starts with the Belief that “By birthright You were meant to Fly” You are born with the feeling that the world as you know it is your oyster. You enjoy the thrill of having no boundaries.

As you grow, you learn limitations are put upon you and you find yourself adapting to what is expected. Throughout your life you are fitted into boxes that allow society to feel safe and to stifle your impetuous nature.

Then you are introduced to a product or opportunity that you feel a passion for. Looking outside the box is invigorating, exciting and you discover you have the ability to fly again. Your passion is unbridled and you want to share it with others.

You feel your heart racing with excitement to let people know what has come into your life. Initially you go through ups and downs discovering not everyone shares your passion. Yet you continually move forward. Your Belief is carrying you.

You discover that to succeed you need to firmly establish your WHY and follow through with a commitment. You seek mentoring as you now move forward to the possibly of abundance presented with the product that has captured you. You set a goal to introduce as many people who you talk with to your dreams and Beliefs

Throughout your journey you are moved by your Belief in what you want to accomplish. You let nothing stand in your way. Your Belief is getting stronger every day.You realize there is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of your determined soul.

You find that people are attracted by your magnets of Belief and determination and want it for themselves. You understand it is attitude, not circumstance that makes success possible in even the most unlikely of conditions.


Every day you learn more of life’s secrets. Your business is growing to a point that your life is changing wonderfully. You dream daily. You realize that your potential is limited only by your imagination and your imagination is limited only by your willingness to dream.

You now have entered the role of a leader. You are building an organization of people who share your Beliefs and dreams and believe in their own journey. They have developed a Belief in what you are doing and in what they have recognized for themselves.

You have realized that selling is not about unique techniques. It is about relationships and your organization keeps growing.

You understand the Law of the Harvest and you constantly sow seeds and understand the true meaning of life is to contribute to other people’s happiness.

Your MLM journey is invigorating, fun, difficult, challenging and yet you have maintained your Belief in following the dreams you have established.

You have learned many things but the one perspective you hold to is that you don’t remember days, you remember moments. Life is nothing but a sense of moments.


Live the moments and the days and years will take care of themselves.

As you prepare for higher ranks of leadership you know that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel!

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