You Are The Brand by Bob Goshen

bob_goshenIf you look like a person who is going somewhere, then people want to know more about you. I am currently sitting in the Moscow airport doing what I love—watching people. Observing how people walk and how they are dressed has always intrigued me. It is amazing how you can identify the confident people by using just these two criteria. We often hear the word branding used in the world of marketing, and I believe it is imperative that a company create a strong brand. McDonald’s generates three billion dollars a year from sales through its more than 31,000 stores. Every day, fifty million people in 119 countries are drawn to the McDonald’s brand. When you think of Coca-Cola or Apple, you immediately think of Coke or iPod. When we hear people speak of branding, it normally applies to major companies. But if you are to succeed in today’s high tech environment, you need to begin branding yourself. NULL

I was recently visiting with a talented and aggressive thirty-five year old male. He shared that he just does not feel he is being noticed at work by his superiors. Now here is a sharp young person, no doubt energetic and aggressive, but when I look at how he is dressed and listen to the words that come from his mouth, I can understand how he is being overlooked.

Branding requires that you set yourself apart with a significant label that says “quality.”

If you are thirty-five years old and still using the slang of a twenty year old, wearing washed out jeans with holes and a striped shirt that hangs outside your pants below your belt, say “hello” to being overlooked. Now, I love jeans; I wear them often around my ranch and small community. I even enjoy having my shirt tail out; however, when I am working with a client or even traveling to and from a client’s office, I look like the twenty million dollar man.

When I step onto an airplane to fly anywhere around the world, I look good. Why? I am the brand! What people first observe is what people expect.

If you look like a person who is going somewhere, then people want to know more about you. This creates a relationship, and very often relationships can transfer into opportunity. If you are well groomed, well dressed, and you speak with confidence, you will be amazed at how you will be discovered. When I say “FedEx,” you immediately see an image. Ask yourself this question, “When was the last time I saw a dirty FedEx truck?” Answer, “Never!” Why? It is part of their brand, just as it should be a part of your brand to make sure that what you wear looks good and clean and professional.

You also brand yourself by your choice of words. By your words, you are viewed as a positive person or a negative person. By your words, people see you seeking solutions or being part of the problem.

The “Drama Squad” are those who spend more time talking about others than talking about dreams, goals, and projects. I am confident that many young people are being passed over in companies because they don’t realize they are a walking brand. So, as you drive down the road of life and see the golden arch, the FedEx truck, the Coke or iPod logo, think of what people see in you as a walking talking brand.


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