You ARE the Postcard! by Jeremy Likness

Jeremy Likness… and the poster child for your product and opportunity. If you’re marketing health and wealth, you’ve got to look, and feel and BE the living picture of the health and wealth you’re promising….

If you are marketing health products, you ARE the postcard. What does your postcard say?

“This company saved my life!” the speaker said— with feeling, referring to the health and wellness products he and his team sold so much of, he’d just advanced to a new, higher pin level. It was hard for me to believe his life had been saved. As he stood in front of the audience, he began to sweat profusely. I estimate he was about 80 to 100 pounds overweight. His skin was pale, he had dark bags underneath his eyes, and his voice was coarse. Yet he continued to explain how he has more energy, feels great, sleeps better, and doesn’t have colds any more. Then he returned to his seat where a half-eaten cheeseburger and several soggy fries were soaking in a pool of grease next to a super-sized cup full of soda. To be fair, perhaps it was diet soda.  NULL I know how he must have felt. I had been in the same predicament myself. I decided my weight might be killing me in August of 1999. I returned from a 10-day trip in Europe and had gained 10 pounds– one pound for every day I was gone. It was all I could do to squeeze into my 44” slacks when the button suddenly popped off and flew across the room. Just a few months after I reached the end of my one-year journey to trim one foot from my waist and shed 65 pounds of fat, the Centers for Disease Control released their “causes of death” statistics for the year 2000. The number one leading preventable cause of death was poor diet and lack of exercise. I recently read a news article with the headline, “Health is more important than getting thin.” I agree. The point many people seem to miss is that when you are living healthy, the weight tends to take care of itself. The same doctors who sold us cigarettes a few decades ago are now scrambling to help us fight what is being referred to as the “obesity epidemic.” The term, “adult onset diabetes” is becoming obsolete because more and more children are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Network marketing companies are springing up every week with new products that promise to fight the process of aging, burn fat, and transform your body into the poster child for vibrant health. They deliver these products in powders, gels, capsules, pills, and lotions. The industry calls these PPL companies: Pills, Potions, and Lotions. If you are marketing health products, you ARE the postcard. What does your postcard say?

For far too many network marketers, what it says out loud is, “Buy my product”. But what is being communicated is, “…but please don’t, because either I’m not really taking it, or it’s not working.”

Does this mean that you cannot sell health and wellness products if you have a condition or are overweight? Of course not! Health starts on the inside, and some of the most effective marketers I know built their customer base at the same time they were shedding pounds and transforming habits for good health. What it does mean is don’t expect to have dozens of customers on automatic drop-shipments when you are not walking the talk yourself. From the first few months in the business I’ve had no challenge selling the products. I began using them right away and I had my own testimonials to share. When we had a product that promised weight loss I was proud to say, “Been there and done that.” I took the product myself and documented the results. My wife and daughter take the products, because if I can’t trust them with my own daughter, who on earth would I be selling them to? People want to buy products from me. They e-mail me every day and ask, “What multivitamin do you recommend? What is the best shake to take?” These are customers who don’t even know I’m partnered with a health and wellness company. Sure beats leaving brochures at the coffee shop or buying a stack of leads, doesn’t it? As I began to build my network marketing business, I realized that I had an advantage: many of the skills for building a successful network marketing business were the same ones I learned to shed weight (and keep it off). When I made this connection, I applied those principles and watched preferred customers join every week as my downline grew. If you are looking to build a health and wellness business, the process is going to transform your business and your health. It won’t be one or the other, because success with both comes from following the same principles.

To have an extraordinary network marketing business, you must be prepared to live an extraordinary life. That means embracing extraordinary health.

You don’t have time to feel drained. Food should help your body recover… but most people eat foods that your body must recover from. The antacid business is a billion dollar industry, because the majority of people eat with their libido instead of their mouths. It’s common to start the journey to better health by finding a diet. There are plenty to choose from: low-carb, high-protein, low-fat, sugar-free, and just about anything else you can imagine. This reminds me of the network marketer who gets fired up at their first seminar. “This must be it!” they proclaim, excited about the feeling they get when they hear the speakers on stage. They immediately go on a diet of personal development. Fifteen minutes reading “Think and Grow Rich” every morning. Listening to one CD every day from a huge library of success audios. Tired of making calls? Kick back and put your feet up on the desk, pull out your favorite set of headphones, and chew on some personal development. Sound familiar? Some dieters fear the scale. Network marketers have their own scale.

If you want to see how your diet of personal development is working, just take a look at your bank account.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against personal development. As Artemis Limpert says, “Personal development is one oar. Productivity (action and results) is the other oar, and if you only use one at a time, you’ll just be going in circles.” The dieter typically loses several pounds the first week. A few more the second week. By the third week, they’re done. The scale stops moving. It’s time to jump off the diet or find a new one. The network marketer decides this personal development program isn’t working. The bank account is dead. It’s time for a new seminar. Maybe you’ll pick up that new eBook that promises to teach you how to build a downline in your sleep or while you eat fast food and drive your convertible down the freeway. What about exercise? There are as many training programs as there are diets. It’s time to take action, so you download the special weight lifting routine that is supposed to pack on muscle mass while your fat melts away. The network marketer exercises their cold call muscle by investing in leads and digging for the perfect script. It seems obvious:

if you have the right training program (or perfect script) and follow it, you’re going to lose weight (or grow your business), right?

The right training program for the wrong person might create a few results at first. It’s only natural: when your body starts training for the first time, it’s primed to respond to almost anything. When you are using someone else’s script you may certainly receive a lay-down sale or signup. Some people are just ready and it doesn’t matter what the script says; they’re going to join. But the script isn’t the key anymore than the training program. Ellie Drake, a successful network marketer and speaker, shares on one of her programs that it’s not the words, but the music in your voice. The next step for most dieters is to realize they are not expert nutritionists and don’t have the knowledge to develop the best routine. T
hey decide there might be something to these personal training certifications after all. With the realization that doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity, they hire a personal trainer or coach.

Network marketers often wise up and choose a mentor as well. This is where the powerful growth begins.

I had my greatest fat-loss breakthrough when I finally hired a mentor, so it was easy for me to become a student early in the network marketing game. A personal trainer can provide a powerful routine that gives results without explaining how or why. Once you are done with their service, you’re really done. Or, they can take the time to teach you why and how they selected the exercise or program, and you can learn how to find balance in your own life. It’s no different with network marketing. Your mentor can help close your prospects for you, or teach you how and why they say what they say so you can work on the sound your own music.


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