You Can’t Bring Old Rules to a New Game by Rodney Brandt

Rodney BrandtTo be a true leader, we must first submit to being led. We all want to sponsor a “runner,” someone who just takes off and builds a huge business right out of the gate. That’s why we look for people who look successful, who are already business owners or in positions of leadership in their company. We’re all looking for people who are “connected.” I have to talk to the guy at ABC Company. He knows a TON of people. We assume that people who are successful in the corporate world will be naturals in the network marketing business. But, that is a dangerous assumption. Be careful about sponsoring “heavy hitters” because sometimes you get more than you bargained for. While many of their skills and experiences are transferable to this business, the rules they have been playing by in the corporate marketplace are not. NULL

Leadership in the corporate world is largely based on dictates. It’s not surprising that certain network marketers who are used to telling people what to do often struggle to grasp the idea of leadership. They’ve never had to work with independent distributors who are essentially “volunteering” to be led and not mandated to report to them. In the corporate world, managers can use the authority of their position to keep their underlings in line. However, while employees have to respect the manager’s position of authority, they do not have to respect him. They only do what they are told because they must. He might be very good at his job, but he may also be hiding behind that authority.

Network marketing, on the other hand, is a real window into our level of personal development. It will expose all of our shortcomings: lack of self-confidence; lack of people skills; excessive ego; control issues; lack of patience.

The reason many people in this business aren’t teachable is that they don’t want their shortcomings exposed for the whole world to see. They’d rather continue to tell people what to do instead of leading and inspiring them. Network marketing is a whole new game and you can’t bring old rules to a new game.

Look for people who are teachable, regardless of their success and stature.

I recall a Saturday morning training several years ago where I observed a brand new distributor taking notes feverishly. I happen to know that he was a successful business owner who had recently sold his company for millions of dollars. Yet, he sat there attentively while a retired grandmother led the training. This man got it. Remember that you are looking for leaders, not heavy hitters.

To be a true leader, we must first submit to being led.



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