Play to Win and Be Happy! By Ron Wilder

Which Would You Prefer?

Do you want to win big OR just make a little side income from your hobby business?

You really have these two choices:

1. You can play to not lose.


2. You can play to win.

Let’s contrast these two approaches. (See if you can guess which one I prefer.)

Choice #1: Playing Not to Lose

Are you playing it safe in your business (and maybe life)? Do you:

  • worry about what could go wrong?
  • hang on to what you have?
  • remain overly cautious?
  • fear taking chances or making mistakes?
  • hold back?
  • bunt rather than swing?
  • react to what life throws at you?
  • sell your company’s products “on the side” for some extra lunch, dinner, or play money?

Answering yes to any of these questions probably means you will probably survive in the world. Good for you.

But is just surviving what you really want or do you want to thrive?

Let’s contrast that with choice #2.

Choice #2: Playing to win

Playing to win means you get to up your game.

Contrast the above playing not to lose questions with the matching playing to win concepts:

  • Consider what could go right.
  • Aim to get more.
  • Take some chances.
  • Make some mistakes.
  • Push forward.
  • Swing the bat.
  • Be proactive in life.
  • Build your business to replace your job or beyond.

Time to Get Uncomfortable

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