Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude By Ron Wilder

If you’ve been in network marketing for a while, you’ll have heard the expression, “Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude,” which sounds cool and catchy, but what does it mean?

Since I’m a pilot, and I come up with flying analogies, please forgive me as I’m about to connect this month’s topic to flying.

Your Attitude is Important

Your attitude is important if you want your airplane (and business) to stay airborne. For an airplane to get off the ground, you need power, and lift. You also need enough forward speed and attitude (tilt of the plane) so that it climbs and stays up there.

Of course, like in business, there are other forces that act on a plane that bring it back to the ground. These are drag and gravity. In business, these translate into things like complacency, human nature, and other things that kill business success.

Network Marketing

Luckily, in network marketing (unlike brick-and-mortar stores) you can do a lot of DUMB things and still recover to build an amazing business.

But one thing for sure is that you can’t mess up your attitude—at least for very long.

After all, MLMs are a relationship business. So having a bad attitude toward your customers and team can create long-term business challenges that have to either be rebuilt, or you must start all over with new people.

Your attitude really determines where your business can go. I’m sure you have seen or heard about “those” network marketers with bad attitudes. And you have probably also seen how their businesses are failing or are no longer around. Maybe you have experienced this in your team.

Ideas to Improve Your Attitude

So, how do you get your attitude working for you instead of against you? Consider adding some of the following to your daily life. Do some thinking about WHY you decided to build your business.

>Connect with your team 1-on-1 to help them with their why’s dreams and goals, or 2022 plans.

>Smile more. A smile is VERY contagious.

>Set your 2022 goals and milestones.

>Put a business plan together for 2022.

>Put a personal plan together for 2022.

>Tap into a successful upline who admire and ask for their success guidance.

>Learn something new about ways to connect with others.

>Realize you have something others want… they just don’t know about it, yet.

>Get around other network marketers who are working toward their goals too – capture some of their energy. They won’t mind.

>Listen to some amazing music that gets your heart thumping.

>Read a good book that will inspire you to greatness.

-Magic of thinking big

-Mach II hair on fire

-The greatest networker in the world

-YES book II

>Take a walk, run, dance, or do something that gets your heart pumping.

>Talk to a team member and make some biz plans together.

>Fill your head and heart with good thoughts and feelings so there isn’t room for the stuff that “drags” you down.

No Limits

We all have stuff that weighs us down, but just like an airplane, you need to put enough fuel and positive momentum into your mind and heart so your business will fly. The cool thing is that unlike an airplane, you can push past the 30,000 feet ceiling and keep climbing as far as you want. There are no limits to how far you can grow your network marketing business!

I know many network marketers who have changed the lives of their families and friends because they have the right attitude… and momentum, fuel, etc. to keep their business flying so it soars today.

Do they always have a happy, perfect, Kool-Aid attitude? Of course not, but they just don’t project it to their team and customers. And they quickly recover by doing some things I mentioned above.

It is the Start of 2022!

What is the first thing you are going to do to adjust your attitude for proper business (and personal) flight? If you have it already figured out, then list a few more.

And while you’re at it, why not involve some others on your team so everyone starts off down the runway to some cool formation flying!

Want Some Help?

If you would like to get around other network marketers who are building their businesses and you’re okay that they are in different MLM companies, then I invite you to check out the MLM Mastery Club. We are about to launch, and it will be epic!

A New Book to Help Your Attitude!

You can also check out a new “YES” series book I contributed to called, “Building Your Network Marketing Business Without Leaving Your Comfort Zone” which will be in print by the end of January 2022. Hopefully, it will inspire you to greatness! There is even a bonus if you buy it during the launch.

Keep smiling,


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Ron Wilder
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