Your Better Self is Actually a Superhero by Darren Jensen

Your Better Self is Actually a Superhero

I like super heroes. I always have, ever since I was a child. I recently went and saw Spiderman with my family. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. Beyond the action, I started thinking about superheroes. Particularly – what it means to be one.

Please bear with me while I geek out.

Superheroes are blessed with incredible gadgets, cars, and superhuman powers. But beneath it all, there’s something fundamentally human about each of them. They’re on a mission to save the world by doing good and being good. But to a certain degree, aren’t we all? We each dream about making a mark or leaving a legacy. About giving back and helping people who need it. How is that any different from a superhero, other than the tights? I guess what I’m trying to say is –

We can all be superheroes too.

Our society undervalues character. We laud fame and notoriety. But being one’s best self? Being good for the sake of someone else? Not so much. Something is lacking in this world. Every single one of us has so much more to offer. I believe there’s a “super gene” in all of us. And we don’t need to be bitten by a spider to activate it.

Think about why you got into network marketing in the first place.

For most of us this reason evolves over time. Usually, we begin looking for money, time freedom, or friends, and that’s just for starters. But here is the secret that nearly 30 years in the business have shown me – those that truly become great network marketers… embark on a journey of greatness.

They decide early on to tap into that “super gene” and they develop, and I can’t think of a better way to describe this, super powers. It’s the ability to change lives, to transform the world around them. For these people, network marketing isn’t a job, it’s their mission. That’s why they remain engaged for so long and successful for the long term. Like x-ray vision or supersonic speed, or the Batmobile, network marketing, for these people, is a magnifier of who they are on the inside. If they’re good on the inside, this industry has the power to make them better if they let it. If they’re not so good on the inside, network marketing can bring out the good.

Now let me be really clear here. These people don’t possess magic abilities. They are, however, obsessed with being their best selves and helping others around them feel the same way. That’s why they engage audiences, and how they pave the way for so much growth.

Not sure if you’ve got the superhero gene? Let me go ahead and clarify that right now: YOU DO. I’m 100% positive. Tapping into that gene means answering two important questions: 1) How do you start becoming your best self? And 2) Once you’ve seen the path toward greatness, how do you maintain momentum without falling into old habits? After all, superheroes still have weaknesses. My kryptonite is donuts. But I digress.

Here’s the answer to the first question: start by recognizing that you need to improve. Admitting this isn’t a weakness. This is a strength. The vast majority of people out there are content being mediocre.

Once you recognize that you need and want to be better, the path will unfold in front of you. You just need to follow it.

Habits can lead you to greatness. But they can also get in the way. So, ask yourself – what are some habits in your life you want to change? Why do you want to change them? You’ll see you already have the desire to get better. This desire is your new superpower. It will become your shoreline. It will motivate you to start changing your habits. Just start with the small changes. The larger ones will come.

Now let’s answer the second question. How do you maintain momentum without falling into old habits? It’s the small and simple things. No matter how large your goal is, reaching it begins with the small choices.

This sounds easy, but it’s not. Change takes daily effort. To help, try this for starters: every day when you wake up, look in the mirror and tell yourself, “Today I am going to make the small change of ___.” You can say it in your best Batman voice if you want. What’s important is that saying out loud what you want to change will tap into your superhero gene. Target the habits you want to change and identify today’s small step in that direction. Once you see those habits slowly changing, you’ll unlock the super power to see the past—and that power will help you navigate the future.

No matter how many superhero movies I see (and like anyone alive the last decade – I watch a lot), I notice a common theme. They all fight for their friends, family, and the people they love. My career in network marketing has taught me that this can be a powerful motivator. They’re rooting for you. They want you to win. Let that love and support unleash your superhero gene and help you become your best self. Love is the ultimate motivator for good. Wielding it correctly might be the best superpower in your arsenal.

Remember, you don’t need a secret serum or a Bat Cave to be a superhero. But you will have to battle the imperfections, self-doubt, and daily resistance that gets in your way. The key to becoming a superhero is realizing what part of yourself you want to magnify. What ability you have that can “save the world”.

And then becoming your best self through desire and love. But I’m not going to lie;

A Bat-mobile wouldn’t hurt either.


Your Better Self is a Superhero-Darren Jensen


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  1. Sharls Vincent

    Totally makes sense, never looked at it that away before. I Love it and I am going to tap into my super powers starting right now. Thank you very much for sharing that with us.

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