“Your Character and Business Reputation Begins with TRUST”“T” Means TRUST in T.E.A.M. Building by Christine Campbell

Christine Campbell

“Your Character and Business Reputation Begins with TRUST”

T.R.U.S.T. – (Acronym) Truthfulness, Reliability, Unity, Sureness, Trustworthy

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” –Stephen Covey

Everyone is human, and humans make mistakes. As network marketing leaders, each one of us has made mistakes, especially when we were just starting out.  The character of our leadership will or will not help us build our business. It all starts with TRUST.

I created this acronym for TRUST, as the components included in this are key when building or regaining trust in our business.  The “T” is TRUST begins with Truthfulness

Being Truthful means, we can learn from our mistakes and become vulnerable without fear when discussing with others, such as your team. Some of the best leaders are those who are vulnerable and not afraid to be transparent, which builds trust within their team.

Truth is Power. It is the firm foundation of good character. Are you truthful with yourself? It starts with YOU.

Reliability means that you will do what you say. People can count on you to follow through. It is a valuable character trait and is the backbone of creating trust.  This also includes being reliable with yourself.  When no one else believes in your dreams and goals, you can become your own best friend, and do it anyway.

Truthfulness and Reliability create Unity within your team. 

You exemplify a Sureness with your leadership, which makes you Trustworthy.  It is always a work in progress, especially when the unexpected happens and you need to continue on no matter what. 

T.R.U.S.T. always starts with believing in yourself first.

Take care of yourself. Be kind and honest with yourself. You will lead best when you do this.

Here are 7 key steps in creating and maintaining trust within your team:

1 Be honest and admit when you are wrong. It’s about transparency and having the strength to change and grow as an individual.  Others will trust you for your openness.

2- Don’t try to shortcut anything just to win. It’s like cheating.  It’s not always about winning.  It is about doing the right thing.  Choosing this path is the solid sure way and maintains trust.

3- Be fair and don’t take more than needed.  As a leader, part of the unity is to help those who are helping themselves and to help those who became a little lost.  The best way to gain is by helping others.

4-Stand your ground. Have the courage to speak up when needed.  Sometimes it is necessary to keep everyone focused and on track for their personal business growth. 

5-Give constructive feedback when asked. It takes much thought to encourage while providing constructive feedback.  The most important part is your honesty.  You will maintain trust while you are guiding others with truthfulness.

6- Don’t misrepresent yourself on social media. This may happen because of wanting to look better to others, even though it isn’t completely honest. This may cause some negative feedback, and trust may be lost because of it.

7-Your quiet example speaks loudest.  Your team strength and growth will be based upon your example of integrity in all that you do, whether it’s business growth, leadership, or even your personal life. Exemplify what you say through your actions and words.

“Keep your promises and be consistent. Be the kind of person others can trust.” – Roy T. Bennet

A wonderful example of establishing trust is, The Network Marketing Magazine, Publishers, George and Debbie Madiou, They have done amazing feats in getting this published monthly and created such a wonderful, vast database of fabulous content for new or seasoned network marketers all around the globe. I appreciate their hard work and efforts, and their integrity, and example of tenacity have definitely paid off.


Christine Campbell is an unstoppable force of energy, experience, and positivity. She offers her extensive knowledge to the world through TedxDaniaBeach as Executive Marketing Director, motivational speaking sessions, a columnist, and a week-night podcast interviewing positive people making a difference.  She has authored ‘Newby 101: Network Marketing from the Inside Out’, that sells on Amazon. Christine’s passion for giving back hasn’t kept her away from living life – together with her husband at their cozy goat farm surrounded by a blended family of eight kids, sixteen grandkids, and one great-grandchild. And if that weren’t enough proof of just how inspirational this incredible woman truly is – Ms. Senior Idaho USA herself stands confidently behind these words “Live in The Present – Dream For The Future – Experience Magic Of New Beginnings!”

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Christine Campbell
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