Your Emotions are Controlled by Your Mindset by George Madiou

What would you say if I told you that you are completely in control of the success or failure of your business? The success or failure of your business resides between your two ears, that’s right… it’s in your head.

Advertisers have learned that they can control your thinking and your actions by putting subliminal messages in your head. They pass these messages to you, effortlessly, whether it’s in the movies, in commercials and on TV programs. It’s about time that we take control over what’s going into our head.

We have total control over dictating what goes into our head, unfortunately over the years most of us have been fed the falsehood of, we’re not good enough, we can’t do it, it’s not going to happen, we’re not like that successful person or the other popular person, and so all these negative thoughts put us on a pathway of failure. Everything we do, including job advancement, performance at school, and even the lack of success of our business is controlled by these negative thoughts.

Our emotions are controlled by our mindset. Happiness, excitement, joy, bliss, delight are all a result of a positive mindset.

The good news is we have total control over programming our own mind and it makes sense that we take control because if we don’t others will. We are in a unique position because God has given us the ability as humans to be able to work on our own mindset. Anger, anxiety, doubt, panic, fear, are only a few of the negative emotions that come with a poor mindset. The good news is that we are in control of our mind set.

God has gifted us with amazing Freedoms, including the ability to choose the focal point of our mind! Only the crown of His creation, has such remarkable capability. This is a sign of being made in His image! Control your mind and what goes into it!

A few years ago I started responding to the question that anybody would ask me, how are you doing today? I would respond, UNBELIEVABLE! The interesting thing that happened as a result of that one word answer, was that every time I said it I really started to feel unbelievable! The other interesting thing that happened, was the responses that came back told a story of the person I was speaking with. The worst of the responses were, I’m sorry I know what kind of day that you’re having! Well, that told me that the person took the word unbelievable as something really negative! That gave me an opportunity just say to them, no, I really mean unbelievably great what’s going on in your life that it’s so unbelievably bad? Other responses that I got were, laughter and I would ask them what’s so funny and they would say I’ve never heard that before. I’m so used to hearing people complaining or giving some meaningless answer it’s so great to hear somebody that’s doing really unbelievable! I would then tell those people to try out your new response for a day, and then two days, and then a week. When people meaninglessly ask you how you’re doing, you tell them unbelievable and watch their reaction, but even better yet watch how you end up starting to feel.

Here is a simple way of changing your mindset, but it’s a very effective way. When you start to feel yourself going through some negative self-talk, do what my friend Dale Calvert suggests, say to yourself, cancel, cancel and then you’ll realize that you’re feeding yourself negative self-talk and the more you do cancel, cancel you’ll become aware of the net negative self-talk that’s going on inside you and you’ll start turning that around with more positive statements

A friend of mine, one of the top experts on this subject, is Dr. Shad Helmstetter. He has a classic book about self-talk, What to Say When you Talk To Yourself

Dr. Helmstetter totally understands the power of negative thoughts and positive thoughts in your head. This is not foo-foo dust, this is reality! This is so real, that some of the biggest corporations are doing subliminal messaging to us, to get us to buy all sorts of things, and to feel all sorts of ways, such as I’m not worthy or, I’m not able to provide for my family if we don’t have the latest and greatest car or the latest fashion. So why shouldn’t we start using the same successful strategy in directing our own minds through a positive thought process?

By doing this, what we have is the ability to create a very successful network marketing business! It starts with getting your mindset right, being able to put the positive thoughts in your head, to be able to do the real work that is necessary for your success. I’m not saying that this is easy, what I am saying is it is simple, but it needs to be something that you do for yourself, no one can do this for you. You have to make a decision to go ahead and change that negative mindset that is weighing you down and replace it with a positive mindset that will produce positive emotions.

Some of those negative thoughts are, I can’t make those phone calls. I can’t follow up on those people that I prospected last week, they’re going to just turn me down. They never got back to me. I can’t make a new call every single day. I hate being rejected, and on and on and on and on.

The success mindset is, I look forward to the phone call to follow up on the person I just spoke to about my great opportunity. I’m looking forward to making that phone call and answering any of the great questions that my Prospect might have. I know if I make 5 more phone calls a day I’m going to be more successful than anybody in my group that is not doing the easy work that is necessary for success. See, a lot of the talk that goes on in your head just needs to be tweaked a little bit to turn from negative to positive and it’s all about repetition, and through repetition it becomes second nature and you start programming your mind for success.

I strongly suggest that you look up Dr. Helmstetter, and his classic book and you might also want to do a search here in The Network Marketing Magazine for the great articles and video articles from Dale Calvert who was a master at programming your mind for success. Here’s to your enormous success. I absolutely know that you can do it and I just want you to have an unbelievable day in this journey of yours!

 Your Emotions are Controlled by Your Mindset by George Madiou


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