Your Mindset by John Hackett Ed.D.

John Hackett ED.D.

Your Mindset; the Hinge to Open the Door to Your Network Marketing Success and How t use The ABCs to Develop a Growth Mindset by John Hackett

Isn’t it interesting to consider how many times you have been at a speaking event or sales meeting when the speaker used the metaphor a key for opening the door of opportunity to be successful in a given field?

Speakers or Sales unit leaders often give out keys to their units to signify opening the door of opportunity. Of course, a key is essential to “open “the lock of a door of opportunity. It is an action. Using this metaphor, the speaker or sales director is missing the main point about what really must happen first in opening the door of opportunity.

Have you ever considered how a door opens?

The most important part of opening the door is the hinges, not the keys. A rusty or “frozen “set of hinges will not allow a door to open with the right keys or even an unlocked door. A well-oiled set of hinges will open the biggest door with ease. These little hinges are the foundation of success in opening the door of opportunity in any profession.

They can represent the mindset of the person.

Our mindset must be directed toward action for us to use the key.

W Clement Stone, entrepreneur, and billionaire knew this to be true. Stone noted that “big doors swing on little hinges.” The hinges are metaphorically our mindset. Our mindset is how we see the world, people, opportunities, and the ability to grow.

Our Mindset is the foundation of directing all we do.

In her groundbreaking best selling book Mindset The New Psychology of Sucess, Carol Dweck shared extensive research to understand the power of mindset. Her research showed that a person’s beliefs about themselves, their world, and opportunities to grow, their mindset, had more to do with their success than their intelligence or natural skills.

She described people as having one of two different mindsets that influenced their thinking behaviors and success.

A person who has a Growth Mindset believed in self, understood errors as learning, and saw endless possibilities to grow with effort and perseverance. This person understood hard work and achievement as a journey. Dweck described the second set of people as having a Fixed Mindset who saw the world in a much different way. The person with a Fixed Mindset believed that all their skills, knowledge, opportunity, and resources were set and unchangeable. She described this person as risk aversive to change and holding onto their opportunities and success. They saw success as a destination of entitlement, not an achievement. Dweck initially used this data to study success in school children but quickly saw it applied to all areas of life.

The concept of Growth or Fixed mindsets can be especially applicable to network marketing and direct sales.

We have all been in presentations or training discussing the importance of attitude, self-talk, and thinking to be successful. Many speakers from Napoleon Hill, who wrote Think Grow Rich to Zig Ziglar, have talked about attitude. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, put it well over a century ago,

“If you think you are or if you think you are not, You are right.”

I have heard Mary Kay Ash often remind Mary Kay beauty consultants and directors, “What you think about you bring about.”Successful network marketers know they must lead themselves first and grow and develop their attitudes thinking, learning, and actions.

There are two ways Dweck’s work is critical to those of us wanting to help ourselves and those we serve and lead in network marketing or direct sales. First, her research clearly defines a fixed mindset and growth mindset and gives us a precise language and gauge mindset. Secondly, Dweck’s research shows the way we can change our mindset. This research gives us a clear awareness of our mindset coupled with a way to change ways our mindset “oil the hinges to open that big door of opportunity. The process is the ABC’s of a new mindset

A. Awareness of our and others’ mindsets.

Consider these contrasting responses to common network marketing or direct sales situations

1 Failures

Fixed Mindset Response
“My failures show my limits fixed and the limit of my abilities. ” That is the best I can get at phone sales. I am not going to work on it.
Growth Mindset Response
“My failures show areas to get better and learn. The show went badly. I will learn and work to get better next time. “

2 Learning, trying new skills of the business

Fixed Mindset responses
“I am great at sales but not recruiting, so I will leave recruiting to someone else .”

Growth Mindset Response
“I am very good at sales and want to grow in sharing the opportunity. I want to get better each day and will work on it.”

3 Seeking help to grow from a leader.
Fixed Mindset Response
“I am a natural at this business “I don’t need extra coaching or training; I know what I need to know.”
Growth Mindset Response
“I am pretty good at sharing and sales; however, I want to be a better leader to my team. Could you help me learn ways and methods to grow? I would appreciate your help.”

4 Success
Fixed Mindset Response
“I was the Queen of Sales last quarter. I expect I always will be, so why to change anything.”
Growth Mindset Responses
“I was the Queen of Sharing this quarter. That is great; however, I want to continue to get better at my skills and teach my team.”

5 Change
Fixed Mindset Responses
“What can I do. I can’t meet with people face to face because COVID has destroyed my business. I can’t use Zoom. I can’t do my business.”
Growth Mindset Responses
“Covid shutdowns have affected my business. I will figure out ways to move forward and reach out to people and comfort and support. I have to find new ways. I don’t understand Zoom, but I can figure it out or get help.”

A network marketer or a network leader can use the responses as indicators above to develop an awareness of their mindset and their team’s Mindset. A leader could also use a quick mindset assessment such as the University of North Carolina Mindset Quiz, see below, in person, or virtually as a team activity or a unique coaching resource. A hint; self-awareness is hard to do. Write down your assessment and check it with a friend who likes you enough to be 100% honest.


1 Circle the number for each question which best describes you

2 Total and record your score when you have completed each of the 10 questions

3 Using the SCORE chart, record your mindset

Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree


B Behaviors to change your mindset.
Once you have developed an awareness of your mindset, you will probably see you are right in some areas but maybe need work on behaviors. What specifically are those areas? Do you need to consider your mindset about the pandemic’s effect on you and your business? Do you need to look at your mindset about the business parts you are and aren’t good at? Do you need to look at how you accept or don’t accept help?

Write down a specific plan of what behaviors you would like to change and how you want to do it.

C Commit and connection to change your mindset.
This is the hard part! Who can you connect with and commit to being accountable for change? An accountability partner can be a fellow leader, consultant, coach, or close friend. The best can be a friend working on their mindset as well. Your accountability partnership’s essential component is to care enough about you to be honest to help you and them grow.

You and your partner or partners can change your mindsets and get rid of “Stinking Thinking” to oil the hinges of your new Growth Mindset and grab the key to open the door of opportunity. This change can affect you and all those around you. It is time to check out those hinges of your mindset and oil and repair to swing open those big doors of your dreams.


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