Matt DiMaio

You want it from your “significant other,” your family members, your co-workers, and your downline team members.

But you’ll NEVER get it… UNLESS… you are trustworthy.

Nobody is loyal to someone they don’t trust.

So, do you want to be trusted? Perhaps what you’re about to read will give you a different way to look at it.

Having someone’s trust is a bit like having money in the bank. It is your personal “trust fund”.

Just like a bank account, you must make deposits if you expect to make withdrawals. When we keep our word, it’s like making a deposit. The more often we do what we promise, the larger our balance is.

Whenever we break our word, it’s a withdrawal from that account.

You have a separate trust fund for each person with whom you have a relationship.

When you’ve been making regular deposits into your account with someone, if the time ever comes that you are unable to keep your word (let’s face it, nobody’s perfect!), you’ll still have a large enough balance of trust to cover the debt. They’ll realize your account is still good.

You have a valuable trust fund established. You are trustworthy!

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Matt DiMaio
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