Your Age plays no part in your success or failure in Network Marketing except… by Dale Calvert

DaleCalvertThe business always has been and always will be about finding the right people at the right time in their life. I was speaking in Budapest, Hungary last week at the MLM Mastermind Day. A young lady and her dad came up to me during the break and her dad said, “My daughter has a question she wants to ask you.” In very broken English she said, “I am only 18 years old, how can I get people to take me seriously when I talk about my business?” I have to admit I have heard this several times over from young network marketers as well as from senior citizens. My response is simple.

“Your age plays no part in your success or failure in Network Marketing except in YOUR OWN MIND.”

 NULL When I started in the industry I was 20 years old. I went to my first company sponsored convention at age 24 as an award winner recognized as being in the top 5 in the company for group business. I can honestly say that was the first time I ever considered my age as a factor. Only because I was walking around with an “Award Winner” ribbon and people wanted to know who my parents were, they thought I was with them. The reality is that “THE RIGHT PEOPLE” will be able to see past your age and to the opportunity. I want to say that again,

The R I G H T people will be able to see past you and to the opportunity.

If people don’t join because of your age, they never would have done anything if they had joined. You are looking for people that are looking for opportunity and it doesn’t matter how the opportunity (or by whom) is delivered to them. My only advice for young people is to grow, learn and develop. Read everything you can on “leadership”. You are in the leadership development business. The business always has been and always will be about finding the right people at the right time in their life. Don’t try to build your business 100% on the Internet. Regardless of what some people try to brain wash you into believing, the “old school” methods of prosp0ecting from the past still work today. Just because a “self-proclaimed guru” is telling you that drop cards, flyers, opportunity meetings, trade shows, etc. don’t work, doesn’t mean it is true! Just because they blew it in their warm market or never learned how to correctly recruit in their local market does not mean it doesn’t work. It only means THEY never mastered it. I love the Internet and there is no question it is the most valuable marketing tool I will see in my lifetime, but don’t attempt to build your business 100% online. I see a lot of young network marketers doing that and it is a big, big mistake. Learn how to correctly recruit locally as well as online and you can learn how from my course, 21 Ways to Create Leads in Your Local Market which is available from The Network Marketing Magazine. Lastly, understand the Success wisdom of the ages. Success principles, concepts, and ideas NEVER CHANGE. They were the same almost 30 years ago when I started and they will be the same 30 years from now.

Methods change but the laws of success never will.

Start a personal development library and make sure you include the classics like, Think & Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big, and Psycho Cybernetics. Invest in your own personal growth and development. Attend seminars, and learn from those who have actually done it. As Jim Rohn says, “Personal Education makes you a living; if you become self-educated you can create a fortune.” People will follow you when you become determined about where you are going, no matter what your age, background, race, or religion. So go forward young network marketers with great expectations and I look forward to meeting you personally some day.


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