Your business doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be the #1 thing in your life, But it better be in the Top 3 or 4! by Dale Calvert

DaleCalvertNetwork marketing is a game of momentum. It takes WORK to create that! In network marketing today you can categorize people many different ways, one way would be: 1) Actively working the business and 2) Social Club Members We could also add a couple of more categories which would be: 3) Semi-Retired Heavy Hitters 4) Those that Peaked the day they signed up. However for our short discussion, those that peaked the day they signed the application and never did a thing, and those that once worked hard but now choose to just draw a commission check won’t be reading this article anyway. For that reason I want to focus on those that are actively working the business, and those that actively attend the events and participate in the conference calls, etc. but are not working. NULL First to those of you that are actively working the business, congratulations!

The most import advice I can share with you is DON’T STOP, when you are able to RUN… RUN!

Figuring out a consistent schedule to work your business on a weekly basis is one thing that many people have trouble with. You have done that, now don’t let up. When I first started in the business, 27 years ago my schedule was: *Monday night we conducted an opportunity meeting in my parents’ basement. *Tuesday and Thursday I would leave work and do 2 one on one presentations both nights sitting around the kitchen tables of prospects homes. * Wednesday night was follow up on the phone night * Friday was date night with my wife, unless we were traveling to a big event somewhere (Very important) * I would do 3-5 presentations in about a ½ a day every Saturday. This schedule allowed me to get in front of on average about 25 prospects a month and easily sponsor at least 5 new members. (The minimum amount of new people that you personally must be adding to your group each month) Of course during this time “Life Stuff” happens, that took me out of the game for short periods of time. The birth of my 1st and 2nd daughters, a dental surgery, etc. that is why I have always taught, “When you can run, run”.

When life takes you out of the game for a short amount of time, it is important to get back on the horse as quickly as possible.

As Einstein said, “a body in motion stays in motion” I know that there have been times when “Life Stuff” has taken you out of the game; you understand how hard it can be sometime to get back on the phone, start your prospecting activities, and get back in the game. Network marketing is also a game of momentum. Daily, weekly, and monthly, CONSISTENT Effort pays great rewards.

Just remember “Consistent Effort doesn’t always bring, CONSISTENT RESULTS, but it ALWAYS BRINGS SUCCESS”

The category of people that I find most intriguing is what I call “Social Club Members” they come to every event, participate in all the conference calls, attend the company conventions, but rarely WORK the business. Would someone please tell me what this is all about? It is hard for me to imagine that these people are suffering from this high of a level of self-delusion? “To thy own self, be true” If you are going to build a network marketing company, then WORKING the business most be a top priority in you life. My personal Top 4 priorities have always been: God Family Business University of Kentucky Sports I will admit that at times in my career I have gotten the order mixed up and rearranged a little bit, but the bottom line at no time in my life was WORKING MY BUSINESS, not at least a top 3 priority in my life, even when I just started and was only working part-time. Key word here WORKING, I am not talking about hanging out on the conference calls and at the local meeting.

I am talking about daily, weekly and monthly PROSPECTING AND RECRUITING. If you are not doing this consistently, you are not building a business and the only person you are fooling is yourself!

We have all heard the phrase Plan your work, and work your plan. If you are not doing this, NOW is the time to start!


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