You’re FIRED! by Sean Murphy

Author_35280SeanMurphyTwo words every sponsor hates to hear!  Value – If you ain’t got it, you can’t give it! So YOU’RE FIRED! Tough words, but this is a volunteer business. Although we really never hire someone, we do ask them to spend their time being part of a team.

There are many reasons people quit the team. But they can be wrapped up in two words, NO VALUE.

There is an expression I like to use in trainings and in board rooms. It is universal, “Perception is reality.” Over the course of the next few paragraphs, I am going to share with you some things that have worked for me and brought me value. I hope the same is true for you. I believe they can work for you. All you have to do is apply them. So let us see if I can bring value to you. Please note that there was a time when I had no idea what value meant, and it cost me millions. That changed when I found a coach and later a mentor. NULL

1. How do you know you are bringing value? – All too often I hear stories on how great someone made a presentation or gave support to their team, but yet they kept losing distributors. If you really want to know how to bring value to someone, ask them this simple question “ How would you define value?” Here is the most important part to that question, Ask the question and then SHUT UP! What you will find by asking this simple question is someone that may not be able to answer you straight away. Do you know why? Because no one has ever asked them to clearly define what they consider valuable. It may take some time to get a solid response. If I was lucky enough to have had you read my article from February 2009, “Clarify, Qualify and Create Expectation,” you would have seen how that process would allow you to always bring value. Here is what I mean, by asking them to define what is valuable to them, you are really clarifying their definition.

Remember in this process, it is not what YOU think is valuable. It is not what they should think is valuable. It is what they BELIEVE is valuable. It is important to get a clear understanding their belief.

2. How do you know you brought value? Discovering the answer to this question is a well guarded secret. Are you ready? ASK THEM, “Was that valuable?” This would be the second part, known as qualify. All too often I hear people tell me how great their conference call was, the Super Saturday training they gave, the one on one presentation they made, only to have the people not engage. This is a clear signal that what the presenter believed to be valuable, had no value to the audience. I know this is true, because I was one of those people. Until my mentor showed me the error of my ways. So if you have completed step #1 and found out what is considered valuable and you shared information based on that, then ask them, “Was that valuable to you?” Don’t be surprised if they say no. Herein lies a true leader’s ability to listen. Let me do my best to explain this. What happens in a prospects mind, after they have given you the definition of value, and they start to hear that definition presented to them, they may come to the realization that that is not the most valuable thing for them. That is okay. They get to change their minds. Haven’t you ever changed your mind?

The best way to bring value is to allow them to see it.

3. How do you bring value in the future? I have listened to hundreds of hours of CD’s, attended trainings around the world and listened to speakers for hours going on about future possibility. You know what I learned? They seem to want to make it complicated. Here is what I would do. Again, it is a big secret. But I would just ask them. You might say something like this… again use your words, not mine… “When we meet again, what would be the most important topics to cover? What information would you like to hear, which would bring you the most value?” Yes it is that simple! Yes it works and absolutely yes you can do it starting today! So what have we accomplished in these three simple points? We have asked our prospects, we have asked our teams and we have asked our audiences, “What’s valuable to you?”

The main reason we prospect someone is to gather information.

Think about your last meeting. Who learned more? You about the prospect or your prospect about your company, your products, your compensation plan and you? I bet it is most likely the second. I hope I am wrong, but my research shows that I am probably not.

Become valuable. Bring solutions. Because when you do that, people will be excited to be part of your team.

I hope this brought value to you. If it did, let me know. If it did not, let me know that too so I can do better. Your friend and student, Sean G Murphy


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