Your Einstein Complex by Roger Boger

Roger Boger1Dr. Boger offers an opportunity to answer the questions. And question the answers.  1) Network Marketing – Einsteins right way Equation for Success. To become a professional marketer requires the understanding of specialized knowledge. This study unlocks the secrets in a simple-to-understand presentation. If you have a glorious driving machine ( vehicle, like a Ferrari, Testarosa ), first find out if your prospects want to drive the machine before spending too much of your valuable time. 2) Positive Attitudes and Motivation. What would Einstein say about where our attitudes originate? This presentation develops a unique perspective on how energy movement is transmitted from the highly motivated individual. Attitude and motivation are THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT ingredients for success at any time in history, but more importantly, your present time! NULL

3) Creativity Thinking out of the box like Einstein, is how mankind has and will continue to progress. The creative process starts with dreams and moves toward concepts and ideas. Learn the magic of right and left brain integration to develop creativity. “Energy Is” and that creative phrase forms the basis of all things in the Cosmos. 4) Diseases How would Einstein view disease? Learn how the history of medicine from the Nai Ching Dynasty to present times has changed and not changed at the same time. Where is health care or sickness care going- in the right direction, or the wrong direction? What are the future models for wellness and what will be the financial implications if we do not change our course and current pathway? 5) Prosperity It’s all in the mind first of all, and then it is manifested through complete understanding of success principles. These principles, first compiled by Napoleon Hill, recorded by Earl Nightingale and now taught by Michael Beckwith, Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, are all revealed in the Universal Laws. Learn why Albert Einstein needed to work in harmony with those laws. Why does God want you to go forth and prosper? 6) Thinking How did Einstein think? Most people would rather die than think- as a matter of fact, most people do! Many wonder what their neighbors will think – well don’t worry, because they don’t usually. The founder of modern philosophy, Rene Descartes said “Cogito ergo sum”, translated into English- “I think, therefore I am”. What does this thinking process look like? You will see it materialize before your very eyes. 7) Vision Vision is like a telescope that brings the distant future into the present time. How did Einstein view our inner and outer universes – are they the same? Great entrepreneurs have always been known to be visionaries, and you can learn their secrets by watching, listening and awakening. When Buddha was asked, “Are you a god?’ he said “No.” When then asked “Are you a saint?”, he replied “No, I am awake.” Great visionaries have always been awake and highly aware. 8) Leadership While studying all the great leaders in history and those living in our contemporary times, one finds that they all possess common threads or critical attributes that made or make them great today. Learn what those characteristics and attributes are, so that you may lead, rather than follow.



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Roger Boger
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