Your Vision Becomes Reality and How Your Goals Get Lost in the Shuffle by Jim Britt

Jim Britt“Correct thinking” backed up by “Correct action is the key to having all you want in life.  Years ago, I was interviewing a young man for a position on my leadership team. I asked him what kind of income he was looking to earn his first year or two. He said, “$100,000 my first year, and at least a 50% increase my second year to $150,000.” The next question I asked was what is the highest income that he’d ever earned in a single year before? His answer was “$20,000.” I then asked him if he thought he was worth $100,000 a year? He hesitantly responded, “I don’t know, I think so.” My last question, and the most important one was, “What do you plan to change about yourself to go from a $20,000 a year person, to a $100,000 a year income earner and then to a $150,000 income earner?” His answer was, “I don’t know.” NULL

You see, if a person considers themselves to be a $20,000 a year income earner, they will never become a $100,000 a year earner, unless they make some sort of change.

There is always something that we can change. In fact it is essential to move to the next level of accomplishment. You can’t use the same thinking, attitude, behaviors of level of goal accomplishment that got you where you are to take you where you want to go. Maybe it’s simply having a new opportunity available, and getting inspired by that opportunity. Maybe it’s a matter of focus and being fully committed to something. Maybe it’s learning and applying some new skill sets. Maybe it’s refining your people skills. Maybe it’s gaining greater self-confidence, or simply having the courage to take a risk. Maybe it’s changing one or more of our self-limiting beliefs. Maybe it’s simply a matter of “letting go” of some immobilizing fear. Or maybe it’s getting clearer about what it is you really want and why you want it. Your income or our goal achievement will rarely exceed your own personal beliefs. And your income and level of goal achievement will rarely exceed your own personal development. If it does, on some rare occasion, it will quickly come back to where it was in a short period of time, that is, if you don’t make a change. This is why it is critical to have a plan for our own development otherwise we’ll continue to produce the same results we’ve always produced.

In order to “get” something different in your life, you must “do” something different.

Wouldn’t you agree? And in order to “do” something different you must “know” something different to do. And in order to “know” something different to do, you must at least suspect that your current methods need improving, and you have to be open to finding a better way. We always do the best we can with what we know. We set our goals, get really excited about accomplishing them, and then without a moments notice our old ways sneak in and seen to take over, leaving us with about what we’ve always had. On the other hand, some of us continue with our old ways knowing that there is a better way. Why? We are comfortable with our old ways. It’s what we know. It’s our comfort zone. Accomplishing new and better goals would require making some changes and changing would mean having to take a risk, to break out of our comfort zone and become someone different. We set lofty goals that seem possible at the time then the risk of breaking out of our comfort zone brings up our deepest fears. “What if it doesn’t work?” “What if the opportunity I’m becoming involved in isn’t real?” “What if I can’t do it?” “What will others think of me being in this type of business?” It brings up the fear of failure. “I’ve failed before, what if I do it again?” It can even bring up the fear of success! “If I’m successful, if I reach this goal, I may have to leave some of my friends behind or take on some additional responsibilities.” In order to attain greater levels of goals in any area of your life, there are two things that are required. First, is knowing what’s got you “turned on?” In other words “Why” do you want to accomplish a certain goal? You want to make a million dollars…why? You want to develop a $10,000 a month residual income…why?

In order to get what you want you have to first determine why you want it. In fact in order to even know “What” you want you have to first determine “Why” you want it.

You may want freedom. The question is why do you want it? And the second step toward accomplishing higher goals is knowing what gets you “turned off.” I call it “vision” and “reality.” Knowing where you want to go and why is known as “vision,” and knowing what’s holding you back, and why, is called “reality.” Your vision may be that you want to earn a million dollars, and the reality is that you don’t believe you can. Now that’s a problem. Your vision becomes clouded by your limiting beliefs (your reality), and your clouded vision supports your limiting beliefs. This is a mutually supporting cycle of going nowhere. It can become addictive. Having complete clarity is the place to start. What is clarity? Some of the answers I get from people are: Clarity is focus. Clarity is knowing where we are going. Clarity is being on target or on purpose. Here’s my definition of clarity.

“Clarity is the fuel that takes you where you want to go!” The speed at which you accomplish your goal will always be based upon your own degree of clarity toward that goal…your “What” and your “Why.” Clarity simply means “to remove all obstacles.”

If you want financial success it simply means that mediocrity won’t do. If you just can’t seem to get going, that means that you aren’t clear. Something is holding you back. There is some obstacle that needs removing. If you have a fear of talking to people, that means that you are not clear about the value of your opportunity or why you want what you want. Your fear blocks your clarity, therefore, slowing you down, or in many cases, even immobilizing you. I define fear as “Friction in your thought process.” Clarity evaporates fear and removes friction! Clarity connects your goal to your opportunity. Without being clear about what you want, it becomes impossible to take full advantage of your opportunity. The slightest element of doubt creates uncertainty, and uncertainty always creates lack of clarity. Lack of clarity produces tension, tension produces fear, and fear immobilizes. And soon you forget the goal you set in the first place. Having clarity means that you are living at a higher level of energy, where no one, or no thing, can interfere with you. You know what you want and every action is moving you closer. Think of a time when you felt unclear, when doubt was creeping in, or a fear was holding you back…a time when you felt non-productive, or stuck. Now think of a time when you really felt clear, when nothing could stop you. Everything seemed to work with ease; every answer was right there when you needed it. That’s called being clear. The question should always be, “Is what I’m thinking, feeling, or the action I’m taking moving me clos
er to or further away from what I want in my life? Is it supportive or non-supportive? It is always one or the other.

Every action you take, either moves you closer to your desired results, or takes you further away. Every thought or feeling you have and every action you take either attracts the people and circumstances you need to accomplish your goal, or pushes them away.

Success in anything is always a question of “honor.” Which do you “honor” the most, your vision of what you want to accomplish, or the “stuff” you find yourself wrapped up in? If you choose not to make the call because you are afraid of being rejected or afraid of what someone might think of you, it simply means you have chosen to “honor” your fear instead of your vision. How much time each day do you spend in a productive state, honoring your visions and moving toward your goal


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