Y.O.U. Set a High Standard for Being Human by Bonnie Ross-Parker

Mary K WeinhagenChapter 7: Make Connections Unconditionally  [Editor’s note: Continuing a series taken directly from Bonnie Ross-Parker’s book, Y.O.U. Set a High Standard for Being Human. We will publish a chapter each month though 2009] Make Connections Unconditionally | 7

“Every time I meet someone I feel the Joy of Connecting”

Look At Every Encounter From the Point of View of “What Might Be Possible” Don’t discount anyone. Check out if you are feeling resistant or stalled and step forward. Take a risk. NULL

Sometimes you take a risk and something good happens. Sometimes you take a risk and something challenging happens. If you are not willing to ever take a risk, NOTHING happens.

Give Generously and Expect Nothing In Return Give from the heart. Love cannot be bought or sold, only shared. Learn to let go of agendas and expectations of others. Honor others for who they are. Pass on things you don’t use to those that can. Discover the Pleasure of Meeting New People Set a goal to meet the kind of people you would like to surround yourself with and brainstorm ways to meet them. Imagine the kind of friends you would like and what kind of conversations you will have with them when you first meet. Exhibit An Open Heart and Open Mind Always be kind. Always be honest. Refrain from talking negatively about others. Always be fair. What Five Steps Can You Take to Make Connections Unconditionally? Action Steps: “I have met brave women who are exploring the outer edge of human possibility, with no history to guide them, and with a courage to make themselves vulnerable that I find moving beyond words.” Gloria Steinem



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