You Want Success Right? Make Your Computer an ASSET… not a LIABILITY by James Harrison

James HarrisonBe wise and don’t let your computer waste your time, waste your money, or steal your productivity.  Hi everyone… This is James Harrison, CEO and Co-Founder of INVISUS, a world leader in professional grade Internet protection in the digital age, “WHOLE” Identity Protection and remote access total PC support. I would like to begin by thanking George Madiou, his team at The Network Marketing Magazine and fellow magazine contributors over the years. This educational and training magazine is a critical source of information to support the millions of Networkers world wide in achieving important life goals. Our company has had an excellent relationship with George and the magazine for years and we consider his work essential for all our Associates. That said, let’s get down to work. Having been an independent business person most of my life, as well as a family man, I would like to have a candid chat about your security and privacy. NULL

The Cyber-Crime Epidemic You most likely know there is an epidemic of cyber crime and identity theft pillaging people world wide. But,

did you know it is the fastest growing white collar crime in the world? Did you know that criminals now generate more illicit profits from cyber crime than selling illegal drugs?

It can be perpetrated anonymously from anywhere in the world to anyone who owns a computer. It can affect absolutely everyone who uses the Internet. You’re online right now, right? In a recent study by Consumer Reports, it was discovered that American households spent $8 billion in just the last 24 months for repairs from nasty virus and spyware infections. But let’s be honest – that’s just kiddie play for cyber-criminals. According to the FBI, cyber-crime recently cost U.S. businesses over $67 billion in losses and damages in a single year. Cyber-crime is the real deal. It includes identity theft, online banking theft, extortion, data theft, vandalism, voyeurism and a myriad of other crimes. For small businesses (especially home based businesses like yours) cyber-crime can be devastating, costing thousands in damage, down time, and stolen data. If you are in business for yourself, you better take adequate measures to protect everything you’ve worked so hard for – or you could lose it. For a family, cyber-crime doesn’t stop with painful identity theft and stolen money from personal bank accounts and other investments. It gets much more disturbing with sexual predators now using the Internet to find their victims. 1 in 5 children have now received unwanted sexual solicitations while online, according to the U.S. Dept. of Justice. Cyber-crime has already come to a neighborhood near you. Let’s hope it’s not your home or business computer that throws the welcome party for these creeps! Your Computer – An Asset or a Liability? The bottom line for anyone in business today is that your computer can either help make you money or cost you in terms of lost time, lost productivity, and lost money. It can be an asset, or it can be a liability.

It’s more important than ever in today’s Digital Age to not only prevent security breaches, but that you are always up and running at peak performance. A slow or poorly performing computer costs you time, and as the saying goes, time is money.

Keeping our computers safe and running at peak performance is kind of like taking care of our health and our bodies. We eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of water and get regular check ups, thus protecting the engine that takes us through life. If we want a vibrant and fulfilling life we take care of the body. If we want our computers to serve us in the best ways possible, we need to do the same for them as we do our bodies. Unfortunately most people don’t. We have accountants that handle our finances. We have doctors whose expertise we rely on for our health. We have mechanics that keep our cars running well. Wisely, we have professionals take care of many facets of life for us – so it’s done right, and so we don’t waste our time. Smart business people do the same with their computers. With the increasing dependence on computers and the Internet, it’s important that you find a professional service and a trusted expert to handle all your computer needs. Be wise and don’t let your computer waste your time, waste your money, or steal your productivity. Liability from Data Security Breaches Finally, be aware of new laws and national data security standards that could wreak havoc with your business and your life should any of your customers have their identity stolen from your computer. Here are a few of the new rules you must play by if you are in business today: FTC’s “Red Flag” Identity Theft Compliance – With identity theft now the fastest growing crime in the 21st century, the Federal Trade Commission now requires all businesses (including yours) who collect and store personal information from customers (your downline or prospects for instance) to properly protect their customers against identity theft. The penalty? A $3,500 fine per customer name leaked or stolen from you!!! Just 10 customer records stolen by an identity thief from you could cost you $35,000 in fines. GLBA Compliance (Sarbanes Oxley) – The Graham Leach Bliley Act requires all financial institutions such as banks and credit unions, and related businesses who hold or process personal financial information (such as accountants, insurance agents, real estate and mortgage professionals) to take adequate measures to protect their client’s personal information. Best practices for GLBA compliance can be as simple as having professional data security systems, regular security checkups and a written plan for protecting customer information online and offline. PCI Compliance – The major credit card companies (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, etc.) have recently implemented new national data security standards to enforce the protection of customer credit card information. If you accept, store, transmit or process credit card orders (online or offline), you must now take adequate steps to protect your customer’s personal information. You must now guard your customer’s credit card order information – and keep the bad guys from getting to it through you!PCI Compliance applies to ALL organizations, businesses, individuals or merchants, regardless of size or number of transactions. You could be held responsible if you don’t properly protect your computers and you get hacked. If you are serious about doing business today, you have to make security one of your priorities. Peace of Mind My purpose in sharing all this with you was to make you aware of circumstances that could turn your world inside out. None of us need that. What we need is to focus on building successful businesses, making more money, and doing it with peace of mind. Expert help with keeping your computer locked down and running like new is available through companies like INVISUS. INVISUS has been a friend of The Network Marketing Magazine for many years. Because these issues outlined here in this article are so important to your success today, the founder and president of this magazine, George Madiou, has asked our company to provide you with a special offer to try out our computer service and protection plans risk free. We have tens of thousands of business owners and families all over the world who have become raving fans of a more secure and simplified life with their computers. Click here to learn about a 30 day risk free trial of our premium iCare service, and a FREE Extreme PC Makeover for your computer. Take advantage of this opportunity to see how your computer can become an asset to you – and help you become more successful in your business. Great success to you in your endeavors. James Harrison CEO, INVISUS


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