Ziglar by Roger Boger

Roger Boger1HE IS HERE WITH US and right in front of me on stage! It was a magical moment. I remember it like it was yesterday. The room was electric with anticipation and then – there he appears – bigger than life it’s self. Your mind and heart race at the site of this legend. The man you have listened to for decades stands right there in front of you. It’s hard to believe you eyes… HE IS HERE WITH US and right in front of me on stage! It was a magical moment.

That’s the gift he gave to us all… his presence, sincerity and timeless message as he pumps his pump and tells us how we must work that pump handle fast and hard at first “like launching a new business enterprise or a new growth/life chapter in personal growth”.

Then, after the water flows freely, we need only to gently keep moving the pump. AKA move forward always but at a regular, slower tempo. But always, keep pumping so that we can grow and move forward. NULL

Now, Zig has moved upward and forward to the next level of consciousness. We all shall remember his many quotations, life stories and unparalleled success advice. He was one of the greatest who ever passed this way on life’s “dash”. Our prayers go with you and your family Zig as you move forward to the next place. You’ll be remembered and loved by us all on this side of the curtain. May we all meet again. God bless you always, Dr. Roger A Boger


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Roger Boger
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