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Zig ZiglarEmployers are looking for someone who is willing to get the job done… and get it done without complaining or griping. In today’s job market, employers consider a multitude of factors when choosing qualified employees. They may be looking for people with a certain skill set or a certain educational background. Thanks to the power of the internet, they can perform extensive background checks, advertise jobs to millions of job seekers, and literally “shop around” for the best person to fill any opening. There have been many research studies done on what employers are looking for in an ideal employee.

The one I often quote found that 85% of the reason that a person gets a job and then gets ahead in that job is due to attitude and only 15% is due to a technical skill.

 NULL Employers are looking for someone who is willing to get the job done… and get it done without complaining or griping. Where are employers finding this type of employee? Many of them are looking at what they believe is a much more certain bet: graduates of faith-based colleges and universities. Here is what the Dallas Morning News has reported:

“Many employers say the moral and ethical lessons that are taught along with the academic curriculum at faith-based schools better equip graduates to become valued employees.” December 7, 2006 Dallas Morning News “What I hear from the business people I’m dealing with is that ethics and corporate responsibility are absolutely at the top of their list when searching for new employees,” says Frank Lazarus, president of the University of Dallas. December 10, 2005 Dallas Morning News

What does this mean to you? You may not have graduated from a faith-based school, but you can show that you have the qualities that the employer is looking for. You can highlight your integrity, your responsible attitude and your positive attitude. Read what these educators are emphasizing in their schools.

“Self-esteem is founded in the value of being created in the image of God and the adoption into God’s family.” Tim Myers, Director of Student Counseling Services, Southwestern Assemblies of God University

“There was a time when the three r’s were shorthand for readin’, ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmetic, but those letters take on a new meaning in today’s faith-based schools. Respect, reverence and responsibility are the three r’s we stress for our students,” says Rosemary Seltzer, Principal of Christ the King, a 425-student k-8 school that has been challenging the minds and spirits of children for more than 60 years. The third r for responsibility reflects the expectations of the faculty and staff for the school’s students to understand their place in the community and the world, and to live what they learn in the classrooms, chapel and bible studies in word and deed. You can strive to showcase to your employer how you exhibit the qualities discussed here. You can be respectful of the authority of your boss, even when you disagree. You can show responsibility for your work. You can demonstrate your pride in yourself and your job by showing up on time and being productive throughout the day. You can make yourself employable and grant yourself career security. Notice I did not say job security – but if you are the right kind of person – there will always be an employer willing and even eager to have you in their organization.


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