May 2020

As networkers, we have many things to offer our prospects and our customers. As Networks, we are in a position to offer the people we work training, freedom, support, answers, hope, value, services, and products. This is especially true in the times that we are in, right now!

Check out what the experts have to say within this special issue and let us know your opinion or observations. 

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Jim Rohn Tribute Video by Kyle Wilson

Kyle Wilson Kyle Wilson has been a great contributor to The Network Marketing Magazine for a number of years, but I knew of Kyle as Jim Rohn’s partner. Jim was the most prolific contributor to The Network Marketing Magazine. The only contributor that wrote more articles for our magazine was me,...Read More »

What Is It Exactly That You Realy Offer Your Prospects And Team Members? By Steve Dailey

Products? Financial Gain? NO??? Then what? It’s “Follow Me” Listen to what Coach Steve says about “Follow Me” ...Read More »

A Conversation with Fred Raley

George Madiou and Fred Raley on Email Marketing on Network Marketing Magazine Building Fortunes Radio with Peter Mingils ...Read More »

Top 3 Things To Give Your Existing Clients Or Customers In These Uncertain Times by David Dunworth

While Great Value may be the most important thing to offer your customers or clients, there are two other elements that coincide with GV.  The past couple of months the world is at a standstill, and no one knows exactly what the economy, employment situation, education of our children, government, social...Read More »

Why having a die-hard attitude attracts more long-term success for businesses? By David Feinstein

Not many people like others with a bad attitude. This goes for a business that tends to get tripped up on bad days. Their mood depends too much on gaining sales in rapid succession. They want wealth and prosperity, but fear days that are a bit dry and long-winded. This...Read More »


How to Maximize Your Stair Step Breakaway by Timothy Hunter

The Stair Step Breakaway is, of course, the ‘Grandaddy’ of all MLM or Network Marketing Compensation Plans. Used by Amway, Shaklee, Primerica, WFG, and many many other ‘Legacy’ Companies. The Key to Big Earnings especially early in your career with your Stair Step Breakaway Company is SPREAD… Spread is the difference between your Pay Level and those of...Read More »

How to Manage Your Business Your Time and Your Life Without Feeling Like a Guilty, Discouraged, and Lonely Alien! by David Feinstein

Three key time savers and productivity builders.  So, let me guess… When you first started off in this network marketing adventure you were thinking about how you were going to be able to work your business for 2 hours a day, and then go chill out on the beach for...Read More »

The A B C S of Opportunity in a “New Normal” for Direct Marketing Leaders to Offer Hope Moving Forward to those you Serve and Lead. By Dr. John Hackett, Ed.D.

These are certainly unprecedented times. Unlike other times of crisis in our history, this enemy is unseen. It Is not  Japenese Planes attacking Pearl Harbor or hijacked planes crashing into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center or the Stock Market crash in 2008. It is a strange-looking Virus...Read More »

More Tips of Wisdom, From Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

How to win prospects to our side. 1. Let them talk. Prospects love to talk, and love to talk about themselves. When we listen, we create rapport. That is the first of the four core skills. 2. Move the conversation to our prospects’ problems. Problems motivate us to take action. When the...Read More »

Attracting successful prospects to your MLM business

Everyone wants to be successful but it takes a special breed at the right time. Some careers are not made for people, while others can find their success. Perhaps Mlm is your chosen path and now you are ready to experience a new level of success. I am assuming that...Read More »

Social Media & Technology

Marcus Brewer On Acquisition Alliance Free Tools

George Madiou Interviews Marcus Brewer On Acquisition Alliance Free Tools With Peter Mingils ...Read More »

Social Media Tips by Jim Lupkin

Social Media and Relationships. 3 Parts to relationships ...Read More »

George Madiou interviews Verb Tech VP James Porter on Building Fortunes Radio with Peter Mingils

...Read More »


The Network Marketing Magazine / SNA Press Release

Jim Lupkin FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 04/25/2020 Social Networking Association The Network Marketing Magazine joins the Social Networking Association  A Passion to Equip Network Marketers Unites Both Organizations Boca Raton, FL: The Social Networking Association (SNA), a community dedicated to elevating the direct sales industry, today announced that Network Marketing Magazine,...Read More »