March 2020


Hype vs. The Wisdom Of The Ages.

We are all involved in teaching the members of our great industry. Many members whether they are just entering our industry or individuals that have been struggling, deserve to go from being exposed to hype to learning from the wisdom of the ages.

Teaching the wisdom of the ages means teaching what has worked and gotten real results. Teaching time tested skill sets, not hype success, as if you are given  a magic wand.

Our focus, here at The Network Marketing Magazine, has been working diligently on a program we call, the 27%er success system. This system will guide you down a proven path to become the top in your company. Stay tuned! If you’re not a member of The Network Marketing Magazine, experience us and our 15 years of MLM success library free for the first month.

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Denis Waitley & George Madiou Of all the wisdom I have gained, the most important is the knowledge that time and health are two precious assets that we rarely recognize or appreciate until they have been depleted. As with health, time is the raw material of life. You can use it...Read More »

"The Secret to Success" by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. Plus A Special Bonus!

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The Formula for Failure and Success - WHY by Jim Rohn

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Five Principles and Questions Form the Wisdom of Those Who Came Before Us to Build Our Foundation. John Hackett Ed.D.

John Hackett Ed.D. Building a business that is sustainable and profitable is a lot like building a house. Any reputable builder will tell you that everything starts with a solid foundation. This has been true forever, the bible in  Matthew 7:24-27 talks of the importance of strong foundations. Any builder...Read More »

How to Avoid Raising Skinny Kids and Other Such Wisdom by David Dunworth

David Dunworth It’s been said that you cannot teach a dog new tricks, but we also know that it’s a fallacy. Here’s an example. Greyhounds that no longer are young enough to compete are placed in domestic situations as pets for people. They make exceptional pets. Their demeanor is genteel; their...Read More »

Learning from The Wisdom Of The Ages By Robert Butwin

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6 No Nonsense Questions to Finding the Best Business Opportunities Available By David Feinstein

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Automobile University by Zig Ziglar from the archives

In our hurry-hurry world, most people do not have time to become bookworms, but virtually all of us can become “tape worms.”  (Or “podcast worms” or “CD worms”…you get the picture.) A study by the University of Southern California revealed that if you live in a metropolitan area and drive 12,000...Read More »


Big Al's Awesome Tips by Keith and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

Starting with a fact helps create trust between us and our prospects. Starting with two facts is even better. Some examples? “Jobs...Read More »

How did Domino’s Pizza learn from the Past to Improve their Future Success Rate? By David Feinstein

Domino’s happens to be a decent pizza chain that almost went bankrupt back in 2010. A radical change brought in Patrick Doyle, causing massive changes to recipes and corporate promises to the way employees are trained and treated. The biggest step was listening to their customers’ input about their pizzas....Read More »

Social Media & Technology

Meet People Faster by Jim Lupkin

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The 27%er Success System vs. The Wisdom of The Ages Vs Hype by George Madiou

George MadiouFounder, CEO & Publisher We are all involved in teaching, if we are working the business. Many members whether they are just entering our industry or individuals that have been struggling for years, deserve to go from being exposed to hype to learning from the wisdom of the ages. We take...Read More »